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Welcome back. We hope you all enjoyed the half term break. Our value for this term is Perseverance.

Spring 2 2024

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We have had a very busy start to the term. We have been using the atlases to search the locations of the countries and capital cities in Europe. Everyone enjoyed this activity and used their noticing muscles to transfer the information on to their own map. 

atlas spain (1).JPGatlas spain (2).JPG

We also took part in a learning cafe to research some of the reasons why people visit Spain such as weather, food, beaches, cities, mountains and football. We are creating a double page spread with the information we have found out.

learning cafe (1).JPGlearning cafe (2).JPG

learning cafe (3).JPGlearning cafe (4).JPG

learning cafe (5).JPGlearning cafe (6).JPG


SCIENCE- States of Matter

What could be a better way to learn about melting other than creating chocolate crispy cakes? We enjoyed watching- and smelling- the chocolate pieces melt and mix with the rice krispies to create a delicious treat for our Friday afternoon. It took no time at all for the solid chunks turn to a liquid and it took no time at all for the crispy cakes to be eaten!!

melting chocolate (2).JPG melting chocolate (3).JPG

melting chocolate (4).JPGmelting chocolate (1).JPG


To make a link with our geography challenge we are learning about the Spanish artist Joan Miro. We have enjoyed creating an information page about him in our sketch books.




SCIENCE- Freezing experiment

As part of our science lessons investigating states of matter, we chose which liquids we wanted to test out to see if they would freeze. It was a very fair test as the only thing that was different was the liquid itself, everything else was the same: the same size of container; the same amount of liquid poured in the container; the same freezer and for the same time. It was very interesting and we found out that some liquids do not freeze such as honey. Tomato ketchup and olive oil went harder but was not totally solid like the lemonade, vinegar and orange juice. 


IMG_8033.JPG  IMG_8032.JPG


 IMG_8057.JPG IMG_8058.JPG



We are very dramatic in Year 4!! We enjoy taking part in role play activities and acting out scenes from our story of Oliver and the Seawigs. We enjoyed becoming Iris, a mermaid, who has bad eyesight and wearing our special designer glasses to become the character. 

Iris role play (2).JPGIris role play (5).JPG

Iris role play (3).JPGIris role play (4).JPG

Iris role play (1).JPGHotseating (2).JPG

Hotseating (1).JPGHotseating (4).JPG

Hotseating (3).JPGHotseating (5).JPG

Hotseating (6).JPG

Hotseating (2).JPG



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