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Welcome to the library web page!

At St George's we love to read!

Everyone has the opportunity to come to the library each week to look at the books, talk about the books and borrow books to read in class and at home. Don't forget to bring your books back on your library day!

Nursery - Monday
Reception - Tuesday

Year 1 - Tuesday
Year 2 - Thursday
Year 3 - Wednesday
Year 4 - Daily
Year 5 - Daily
Year 6 - Daily

Friday at 3pm the library is open for all children to bring their grown-ups to look at the books and listen to a story.

On this page you will find lots of things to do with books. There are suggestions of activities to do and if you've run out of books to read, there are links here to take you to a world of on-line books.

Don't forget, if you do a book review or create a book poster or new book cover, bring it into the library. Mrs Mather would love to see it. Let us know what books you have been reading at home too.

World Book Day 2022

3rd March 2022

WBD logo.jpg

For World Book Day we challenged everyone in school to read a book (or a chapter of a book) before bed for a whole week - 180 different books were read, including one in Polish!  Well done to Year 4 who read the most books.

Why read before bed?

  • It relaxes you before you go to sleep
  • Sharing a book with a grown up or a brother or sister is great!
  • It's a fantastic learning opportunity
  • It develops the imagination and contributes to becoming a great writer
  • It develops language and grammar skills
  • iPads and other tablets before bed keep you awake. Books help you settle before sleep.

On Thursday 3rd March, we came into school dressed in our pyjamas ready for our bedtime stories.

IMG_8996 (2).JPG

We had a fun time in our family groups trying to work out who the masked Gruffalo readers were.


We had stories in our classrooms with Fairtrade hot chocolate.


Mrs Mather read stories and poems on the playground.


And we have used are persuasive writing skills to write letters to local companies to ask if they would make a donation towards helping us update some of the books in our library. Year 1 even hand delivered their letters to Scott Roberts Taylor and Co Accountants asking them for a donation of money to help buy new maths reading books for our library!


Thank you to Morrisons in Hyde for the fantastic box of books donated to our library!


For great activities for World Book Day, click here to go to the World Book Day Web site.

Tameside libraries

All of Tameside's libraries are open. Visit their web site for more information.

Run out of books to read at home?

Library books free access on-line

BorrowBox  gives you free access to a wide range of bestselling ebooks and audiobooks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks you need to be a member of Tameside Libraries. If you are not a library member, you can join here, where you will be given a temporary code and 4 digit PIN.

Creating a Borrowbox account is quick and easy; you just need your Library card number (or temporary code, 4 digit PIN and an email address. Simply go to the BorrowBox website and follow the instructions.

Book activities to do at home

Here are some ideas to do at home...

Mrs Mather in the library would love to see what you have done.

Book stuff on the internet

You can find books all over the internet. Click here to find lots of links to book-related web sites...



Listen to a story

Listen to a story.jpg
Follow the link to some great stories to listen to!

Bible Stories

We hear lots of Bible stories in school. Follow this link to listen to some of our favourites.


Books about Coronavirus

Review a book

Have you read a book you have really enjoyed? Or were you not so keen on your last book? Either way, why don't you write a book review to tell others about what you have been reading. Bring your review into the library so that we can share it with others.


Make a bookmark

Origami bookmark

Have a go at making an origami bookmark - it's really easy as long as you start with a square piece of paper! How many different designs can you come up with? Send a picture to your class e-mail so we can see what you've made.

Bookworm bookmark

We're all bookworms at St Georges. How about making a bookworm bookmark.

Bring the bookmarks you create into the library. Mrs Mather would love to see what you have made.

Reading Journal


Creating a Reading Journal is a fun and creative way to keep a record of all the wonderful books you have read. It can also give inspiration to others when they are looking for something new to read.

Inside, you can include information about the books you've read as well as pictures you have drawn or other artwork inspired by the book. You could even research some information about the author and put that in.

Bring your journal in to the school library. Mrs Mather would love to see it!

A book in a jar or a book in a box


Why not create a scene from a book in either a box or a jar? Bring a picture of it into the school library.

Love to learn and learn to love




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