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For anyone that signed up to the ESOL Class. This starts on Tuesday 2nd November. Please come to the office at 9am to sign in. Our Nursery still has places for any child that is 3 or over by the 31st December! Please speak to Alison or Sally in the office on 0161 368 2848 to apply.

Wake Up Wednesday!

Freedom Friday Group is now Wake Up Wednesday!

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Run by Mrs Ratcliffe, the group meets on a Wednesday morning in the Nursery room from 8:45 to 11am. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and try different activities.

Last year the group did lots of varied activities which included arts and crafts, gardening, trips to Ashton MIND cafe and Portland Basin on the bus. They also travelled to Manchester on the train and tram even did a bit of shopping in Primark! When the weather was nice they had had some lovely walks along the canal and been down to the river and fed the ducks. 

The group really enjoyed the outings and it was also a lovely chance to get together for a chat while having a coffee and a biscuit.

Some of the activities are good for helping with spelling and English language, they are not only having fun and enjoyment, but building theirconfidence too!


Please come along and join us next Wednesday!

6th October

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22nd September

13 ladies went for a walk along the old railway track, then onto the canal.  We saw a narrow boat on the canal.  A lady was grooming her horse.  One of the ladies asked for some manure for her plants!

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