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Wake Up Wednesday!

Wake Up Wednesday!

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Run by Mrs Ratcliffe, the group meets on a Wednesday morning in the Nursery room from 8:45 to 11am. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and try different activities.

Last year the group did lots of varied activities which included arts and crafts, gardening, trips to Ashton MIND cafe and Portland Basin on the bus. They also travelled to Manchester on the train and tram even did a bit of shopping in Primark! When the weather was nice they had had some lovely walks along the canal and been down to the river and fed the ducks. 

The group really enjoyed the outings and it was also a lovely chance to get together for a chat while having a coffee and a biscuit.

Some of the activities are good for helping with spelling and English language, they are not only having fun and enjoyment, but building theirconfidence too!

Please come along and join us next Wednesday!


Wake Up Wednesday sessions 2023


26th July

We had a lovely end of year get-together with lots of great food.  One family were going to Bangladesh for 4 weeks and others talked about the Lake district.  One family were having lots of visitors and some were going to London and Birmingham visiting family.  We will all meet up again in September and new ladies are always welcome.  

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19th July

We went for a walk down Woodend Lane and looked at all the beautiful shrubs on the way.  Fatema invited us into her house as we walked past.  We looked at hergarden where tomatoes, chillies and marrows are growing which she bought at the garden centre which we visited a few weels ago.  

IMG_1180(1).JPG IMG_1185.JPG IMG_1193.JPG IMG_1197.JPG

12th July

We had drinks, biscuits and fruit.  We then had a discussion about what we were going to do for the day.  The weather brightened up so we decided to walk down to Morrisons.  The ladies had a good time looking at pans and woks, then some bought food.  We went to the clothes department and some ladies bought clothes for their children in the sale.  We walked back to school before the rain arrived!!

IMG_1154.JPG IMG_1155.JPG IMG_1159(1).JPG IMG_1163(1).JPG

5th July

This morning we stayed in as the weather looked unpredictable!!  We had drinks and biscuits as everyone chatted about different things.  It was lovely to just sit and chat about what's going on in the world, our environment and our health.

21st June

We started with drinks, biscuits and fruit.  We decided it was a lovely morning - ideal for a walk.  We walked up Dowson Road, where we passed Dowson School.  We turned up Knott Lane to pass Hyde Chapel.  The hanging baskets and flower displays were beautiful.  We then walked down Stockport Road, and back to school.  A great relaxing morning had by all! Good company and conversation. 

14th June

We set off to the Hattersley Hub this morning. We caught the 201 bus from Hyde bus station.  The cafe was lovely and the two ladies were very friendly and opened the cafe a little earlier because we arrived early! Toast, egg, beans and drinks were ordered and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Afterwards some of the ladiesd went to the big Tesco Extra.

IMG_0846(1).JPG IMG_0844(1).JPG IMG_0843(1).JPG

24th May

Seventeen ladies attended our Wake up Wednesday group this week.  We had mums, aunties, friends and a gradma who all had cups of tea/coffee and biscuits.  We then set off for a local walk.  We walked up Nelson Street to the swimming pool and got onto the track.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing.  We walked along and came off at the flats on Dowson Road.  Everyone enjoyed the walk and were very thankful for a lovely morning.

IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0814.JPG IMG_0796(1).JPG IMG_0814.JPG

17th May

We set off at 9am to walk to Werneth Low.  It was a beautiful morning.  We took some fruit and bottles of water.  We got to the Higham Visitors Centre and sat in the garden.  We then went up the stony path to look at the views.  The ladies took photos and asked about places they could see, the flats in Hyde, Alder High School, Godley resevoir, Premier Foods (Walls) and St George's Church!

All were so thankful of achieving the walk up to Werneth Low.  

IMG_0770.JPG IMG_0772.JPG IMG_0773.JPG IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0780.JPG

10th May

Fourteen ladies set off to go to the Garden Centre.  We walked to Aldi then got onto the canal path.  The Canadian geese and coots were enjoying the sunshine on the canal.  The ladies took photographs of the geese and coots.  We walked through the dark tunnel and then walked up the steps to the Garden Centre.  Most of the ladies bought some plants.  Tomatoes, chilli's and greeen beans were the favourites!  One of the ladies bought some hanging basket plants too.

IMG_0742(1).JPG IMG_0741.JPG IMG_0748.JPG IMG_0750.JPG IMG_0751.JPG IMG_0754.JPG

3rd May

Tables were assembled, plates and cutlery were ready and the kettle was boiled!  Fourteen ladies arrived bringing lots of lovely delicious food.  Plates were passed around and the 'feast' began with lots of joy and laughter.  Mrs Hewitt called in and was handed a plate of food.  A lovely morning that was enjoyed by everyone!

IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0724.JPG IMG_0725.JPG IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0734.JPG

26th April

It is so good to have so many ladies at Wake-up Wednesday group. Two new ladies joined our group today and the 15 of us had drinks, cake and fruit.  We discussed our Eid party for next week then we went for a walk up to Alder High School.  Some of the ladies whose children are going to Alder in September didn't knowwhere it was!

IMG_0689.JPG IMG_0693.JPG IMG_0702.JPG IMG_0699.JPG IMG_0705.JPG

29th March 

We had a lovely local walk.  We saw lots of blossom trees and then we went to one of the ladies houses to meet with her sister-in-law.  We had 2 children with us so we ended up singing nursery rhymes together.  

IMG_0646.JPG IMG_0647.JPG IMG_0648.JPG IMG_0649.JPG

22nd March 

We all had a chat about Ramadan and Eid.  All the ladies are grateful of the 2 week school holiday in the middle of Ramadan.  We had drinks, biscuits and fruit and then went for a walk up Dowson Road, down Knott Lane and Waverley Road then back to school.  It was a lovely bright sunny morning.  

IMG_0637.JPG IMG_0638(1).JPG IMG_0640(1).JPG IMG_0641(1).JPG

15th March 

We had coffee and biscuits then went for a walk.  We walked into Hyde as one of the ladies had an appointment to go to.  We went into Morrisons and the ladies bought food and clothes for their children in the sale at Nutmeg clothes.  We then walked up Lumn Road, down to the KFC area and then back to school. 

IMG_0613.JPG IMG_0614(1).JPG IMG_0622(1).JPG IMG_0620.JPG IMG_0618(1).JPG IMG_0616(1).JPG

8th March 

We had drinks and biscuits then we set off to get the 330 bus to Stockport.  We walked through the town centre where there was building work going on.  The ladies wanted to go to Primark.  They got lots of goodies for their children and home. 

IMG_0600.JPG IMG_0602.JPG IMG_0601.JPG IMG_0603.JPG

1st March 

We had drinks and biscuits then we set off down Great Norbury Street.  We went to the canal near Aldi and walked to D.B. Nurseries looking for vegetable plants for one of the ladies.  We Were too early as the plants will not be on sale until late April!  One of the ladies went back later on to get some compost. 

IMG_0547.JPG IMG_0550.JPG IMG_0552.JPG IMG_0554.JPG IMG_0551.JPG

15th February 

We had drinks and biscuits and fruit before we set off on our local walk. We went onto the track and then went down the steps to the woods.  The water was rippling and the birds were singing.  It was a lovely morning.  We came out of the woods into Gee Cross.  As we got to the local Tesco, the ladies went in and bought some lovely daffodils and tulips.  We came past Hyde Chapel and looked at the stocks in the graveyard! We then went down Marlborough Road past Dowson School and back to St George's. We did over 5000 steps. 

IMG_0527.JPG IMG_0531.JPG IMG_0530.JPG

8th February 

We were going to the MIND cafe in Ashton but after ringing them about opening times they told us it was closed.  Twelve ladies and 3 toddlers then went to Woodley cafe as quite a few ladies had never been.  We went there on the bus.  Eight ladies decided to walk back along the road to school.  Four ladies got the bus back as they had other appointments.  The cafe is very welcoming.  Tea, coffees, cheese on toast and beans on toast were enjoyed by many on our visit.  

IMG_0497.JPG IMG_0508.JPG IMG_0509.JPG IMG_0511.JPG IMG_0514.JPG

1st February  

We all went to the Startpoint Cafe in Woodley today on the bus.  We had toast and drinks. 

25th January 

We had a short walk in the drizzly rain and drinks, biscuits and fruit when we got back.  We did wordsearches and colouring in sheets with lots of laughter and chatter. We discussed the newsletters and talked about next week.  We are going to the Startpoint Cafe at Woodley on the bus. 

IMG_0448.JPG IMG_0450(2).JPG IMG_0456.JPG IMG_0454.JPG

18th January 

We had drinks, biscuits and fruit this morning.  It was a cold icy day so we decided to stay in and get some games out.  Some ladies did the Jenga game and enjoyed that.  Some ladies had a go at Scrabble - making words fit onto the board using letters. 

IMG_0431.JPG IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0433.JPG

11th January 2023 - Welcome back!

We had our first session of Wake up Wednesday since the Christmas holidays, it was lovely to be back and catch up with everyone.

We started off with drinks and toast.  It was a crisp, dry morning so went for a walk around the local area.  We had a new lady join us who had only been in Hyde for a few months so it was good for her to get to know other mums.  We stopped off at Fatema's house and she made us all drinks, samosas and other delicious food. 

We were all made so very welcome. 

21st December

We had drinks & toast this morning.  Some of the ladies brought homemade cakes and gingerbread.  We then went off for a walk into Hyde.  We stopped off at Morrisons where the ladies did some shopping. We will return in 2023!IMG_0411.JPG

14th December

We had a party today.  All the ladies brought some lovely food. 


7th December

We had drinks and biscuits to start with.  All our chatter was about the cold and frosty weather and the recent public health notice about the different illness's that are around and how we can look after ourselves.  We made cards for their families. Some ladies showed off their artistic talents.  

30th November

We did videos today with ladies talking about their families.  Some had the confidence to do this, some just spoke but not on video.  We went to the Healthy Living Centre on Great Norbury Street to see if they were doing a basic First Aid Course.  They will get in touch with us when one is available. 

IMG_0284.JPG IMG_0286.JPG IMG_0285.JPG

23rd November

It was a very wet day day today we stayed inside.  After drinks and biscuits we did some word searches.  Next week we are doing little talks about our children/families.  We are going to speak in English but the ladies will speak in Bengali if they get stuck on some words.

16th November

We had drinks and fruit this morning. One of the ladies brought in some onion bhajis which most ladies tasted.  We set off and headed towards Apethorne Lane along the track.  We walked down to the bridge across the canal.  We then got on the canal path and walked to another bridge and then up Woodend Lane and back to school.  It was a lovely morning which was ideal for an Autumn walk.  Two new ladies joined us today and said they would come again. 

9th November

After drinks & biscuits we walked down Great Norbury Street to the canal near Aldi.  We walked down the cobbled slope and under the bridge.  We walked near the canal and went up some steps to the Garden Centre.  We had a look round and the pampas grass was amazing.  The lavender and herbs smelt great. 

IMG_0244.JPG IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0248.JPG

2nd November

15 ladies arrived at our Wake Up Wednesday group this week which was so lovely to see.  One of the ladies brought some cake in for us to try which her daughter had made (an ex pupil at St George's).  We then went for a walk along the track.  A beautiful autumnal morning.

IMG_1165.JPG IMG_1169.JPG IMG_1175.JPG

19th October

The ladies asked if we could go on a bus to Stockport.  Some ladies hadnt been on a bus for years!  They were free to roam around Primark and all the ladies came out with bags of shopping.  One said " I've had a great time thank you". Another said "This has been the best day".

12th October

The ladies had their cups of tea & coffee then we went onto the track behind Dowson Road.  We walked along and looked at all the trees and leaves, Autumn has arrived!

5th October

We had toast and drinks this morning.  As it was a very wet and windy day we decided to do some colouring and some wordsearches to keep us occupied.  We also had a visit from a Siams inspector who spoke to the ladies about our group and also our wonderful school and its community.

IMG_1099.JPG IMG_1104.JPG IMG_1101.JPG

28th September

We started the morning with breakfast. We then started cutting up apples to make apple crumbles.  We used the apples we had picked from the school orchard.  We had a good group today and everyone took an apple crumble home.  It was a busy but successful morning!

IMG_1074.JPG IMG_1072.JPG

21st September

We had croissants and drinks this morning.  The ladies had a good chat and showed others pictures of weddings they had been to. We went for a walk along the canal on a beautiful sunny morning.  Some ladies come for a chat and the social side of our group and some ladies like the walks and outings.

IMG_1052.JPG IMG_1043.JPG IMG_1044.JPG

14th September

We had a lovely walk to Hyde Park.  We watched some people "crown green bowling" and we walked through the rose garden.  Two men had a metal detector and found some old coins, a farthing, a sixpence and a threepenny bit.

IMG_1028.JPG IMG_1021.JPG IMG_1031.JPG

7th September

We had a good number of ladies back after the holidays.  We went into the school orchard and picked lots of apples and pears.

IMG_1001.JPG IMG_1002.JPG


Wake Up Wednesday sessions 2021-2022

20th July

We had a party for our last session of the year!  Everyone brought delicious food. We had juice, tea and coffee as well as biscuits and fruit.  14 ladies had a lovely time eating and chatting.  We then went for a local walk.  


wuw20july1.JPG wuw20july2.JPG

13th July

We had a drink and biscuits and fruit and set off on our walk, it was a lovely morning.  We walked along the old railway track and came off at Hyde Pool.  We had a new lady join us today and she enjoyed walking and chatting to the others.

6th July

We had coffee, tea and biscuits.  It started to rain so we decided to stay in and do word searches.  We got out the Jenga game too.  The ladies chatted about Eid on Saturday. We made cards for Stay & Play children too.

wuw6thjuly1.JPG wuw6july2.JPG

29th June

Hellan Invited us as a group to go and see her new flat.  She was married 4 weeks ago.  She wanted us to see her wedding photos too.  She made drinks and nibbles for everyone. We felt very welcome.

22nd June

We had a lovely walk up Dowson Road, and onto the estate.  We eventually got onto the track and did a big circle to get back onto Dowson Road.  We had drinks and biscuits and fruit before we set off.

wuw22june2.JPG wuw22june1.JPG wuw22june3.JPG


15th June

It was a lovely sunny day.  We went for a walk along the canal.  Some ladies were in awe when they found people living on the narrow boats on the canal.  We saw some baby coots/moorhens.  The ladies had their pictures taken at the side of a vintage car.  "Thank you for taking me to a beautiful place", one of the ladies said.

sp15thjune2.JPG sp15thjune1.JPG sp15thjune3.JPG


1st June

We did word searches and patterns on a crown for the Queen's Jubilee.  Some ladies took some home for their children to do.  We walked down to the garden to see what was growing down there.

IMG_0830.JPG IMG_0824.JPG IMG_0825.JPG

11th May

Ruhela from Diversity Matters Northwest came today to do a stress management course.  It is Mental Health Awareness week.  She talked about loneliness and negative and positive thoughts about being lonely.

wuw11may1.JPG wuw11may2.JPG wuw11may3.JPG

4th May

We had a great Eid party on Wednesday with the ladies group.  Lots of food was brought in.  It was lovely and everyone enjoyed themselves.

IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0742.JPG IMG_0740.JPG

23rd March

We had a talk about internet safety.  All St George's parents were invited to come along and find out about internet safety for their children and themselves.  Tea & coffee was available afterwards.  The Wake up Wednesday ladies stayed and had a chat and a tasting session of homemade yogurt and toast. It was lovely.

wuw23rdmarch2.JPG wuw23rdmarch4.JPG wuw23rdmarch3.JPG


16th March

We had coffee and cake to start our day!  We went for a walk to Gee Cross then went down to the Town Hall to ask about a 'wedding venue' for one of the ladies.  She was very unsure about where to go.  A lady showed us the hall where they hold the weddings.

wuw geecross 2.JPG wuw geecross 3.JPG wuw geecross 1.JPG

11th March

We went to the home of Sharystan & Hellan today.  They made some lovely food and made us all feel very welcome.  We all had a great time.  Some of the ladies are going to help out at the Fairtrade Big Brew tomorrow.

WUW9thmarch3.JPG WUW9thmarch2.JPG WUW9thmarch1.JPG


2nd March - Pancake Day

We made pancakes and had them with sugar, lemon and oranges.  We used Fairtrade sugar.  All the ladies enjoyed them. 

wake pancake 3.JPG wake pancake 2.JPG wake pancake 1.JPG

16th February - Dental Health Team Talk

Two ladies from the Dental Health Tameside Team came to talk to our group and also Reception Class parents were invited too, as Reception Class will be doing a topic on 'the dentist'!

Parents were invited to stay for tea and coffee afterwards.  Some parents asked questions and there were leaflets and free samples of toothpaste, sand timers and childrens cups to take away.

dentist pic 1.JPG dentist pic 2.JPG dentist pic 3.JPG

9th February - Visiting the new baby

We went to see the baby and take the gifts today.  We were overwhelmed by the feast we were presented with.  Lots of lovely food and cuddles with the baby.

wuw 9th feb.JPG

2nd February

After having our tea/coffee and fruit we walked down to Asda.  We bought baby clothes and a card for one of our ladies who attends our group regularly.

wuw 2nd feb.JPG

26th January

The group were so impressed with the Startpoint Cafe at Woodley that they told other members of our group and 7 of us went again this week.  We also went into the Saver shop and did some shopping too.

19th January - Visit to a new cafe

We went to the Startpoint Café at Woodley Precinct today.

It was lovely and airy.  We had coffee and toast. The café had a chatter natter table where you could go on your own and have someone to chat to which a great idea.

startpoint cafe 1.JPG


16th December - Christmas Party Day

Today we had a bit of festive fun. We all brought food and snacks including samosa's and one lady made a magnificient cake! It was a great party to celebrate Christmas and the last of our Wake Up Wednesday sessions until 2022!

wuwxmasparty2.JPG wuwxmasparty1.JPG wuwxmas party3.JPG

17th November

We had a guest speaker today, Ruhela from the Council came to talk about some of the services available in Tameside.  She spoke about mental health, stress, Eat Well – Live Well and also how to get help with job searches and creating a CV.  There were a few leaflets which the ladies could take at the end of the session. It was very informative!

wuw17thdec2.JPG wuw17thdec3.JPG wuw17thnov1.JPG

10th November

Today we had tea, coffee and biscuits and then went for a walk.  We put some clothes in the Islamic Relief clothing bank. Then went onto the canal under the motorway bridge.  We all went “ooooooooh” at the same time to hear our collective echo back!


3rd November

The ladies played games this morning, they enjoyed Scrabble & Jenga.


3rd nov scrabble.JPG


3rd nov jenga.JPG 3rd nov scrabble 2.JPG

20th October

Today we went to the harvest service outside.  It was great to see all the classes together for the service.  We went back in after for tea coffee and toast.


6th October

6th oct ww 2.JPG 6th oct ww.JPG 6th oct ww3.JPG

22nd September

13 ladies went for a walk along the old railway track, then onto the canal.  We saw a narrow boat on the canal.  A lady was grooming her horse.  One of the ladies asked for some manure for her plants!

22nd sept stayplay.JPG 22nd sept stayplay 3.JPG 22nd sept stayplay 4.JPG
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