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Welcome back. We hope you all enjoyed the half term break. Our value for this term is Perseverance.

Subject Vision History

Our Vision for History at St George's

‘Let all that you do be done in Love’ 1 Corinthians 16:14

The example of Jesus Christ and the Good news that he brings inspire St George’s school to be a place of hope and a caring and inclusive community in which we all love to learn and learn to love.

‘The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future’ Theodore Roosevelt

History sparks curiosity about the past; what happened in Britain and the wider world. It poses questions about why people did what they did, what decisions people made and why. It promotes enquiry for pupils to discover the answers about different groups of people and the times in which they lived. History is essential to the past, present and future and without it we would not know much about our ancestors and how to deal with current problems. As history is all around us, it helps us to understand change and societal developments. This provides children with the context to understand themselves and the challenges we face to appreciate the world in which we live today.


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History Overview

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Year 5 Learning - Would you like to be a child of a king or queen?

In year 5 we did a learning cafe to introduce our work about the Tudors and help us to answer our learning challenge question 'Would you like to be the child of a king or queen?' We had to guess who the models were, looked at artefacts and completed 'I see...,I think...., I wonder..., ordered events in a timeline and read some articles then wrote 5 facts we had learnt and formulated 3 questions which we wished to answer.

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Year 4 Learning - What clues from the past tell us about the Romans?

As historians we are learning to understand chronology by placing events on a timeline using dates.

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Year 4 also went to Chester and took part in the Dewa Roman Experience.  Do you think that they would have made good Roman soldiers?

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