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For anyone that signed up to the ESOL Class. This starts on Tuesday 2nd November. Please come to the office at 9am to sign in. Our Nursery still has places for any child that is 3 or over by the 31st December! Please speak to Alison or Sally in the office on 0161 368 2848 to apply.

Ethos Group


After some fantastic applications, we now have a new ETHOS team to help lead the school in living out our values and thinking about what it means to let all that we do be done in love. The group comprises children from Years 4,5 and 6 and on the last day of term  we tidied up the Spiritual Garden and looked at the plants and the significance they have as plants mentioned in the bible. We enjoyed removing the seeds from the Honesty plant, otherwise known as moon pennies and reflecting on yesterday's Harvest Service led by some of ETHOS group.

ETHOS group October 2021
Taking out the seeds from the Honesty plant to re- sow.
Havrest website pics (1).JPG
ETHOS member from Years 5 and 6 leading the Harvest Service


Our leaves as pledges and our food for the Foodbank


ETHOS Group in September and October 2021 have been busy recruiting new members and thinking about COP26 and our response to Climate Change. We have made our promises using the promise to the planet idea and spent time writing our own pledges as well as what we'd like world leaders to do.

We've decided to continue our support of Fairtrade and the Foodbank and are pleased to lead the school in these areas and be Agents of Change.

We've also been working on turning our Fairtrade wrappers into a collage using letters to spell out FAIRTRADE which we'll put up in the Hall. Our half termly stall will be next week which we're excited about!


ETHOS 4.jpg

ETHOS 1.jpg

Anti Bullying Week isn't far away so we've discussed ideas around " One Kind Word" which is this year's theme. We read James Chapter 3 about the power of the tongue and the damage it can cause and listened to Josh Wilson's song "Forest Fire." We'll work on this after half term. 



Summer 2021

fairtrade hoodie.jpg
Year 6 Leavers Hoodies sourced from a Fairtrade company called Kool Skools which use Fairtrade Cotton. What a find! Thanks to the Fairtrade Foundation for their suggestion.
Tick and deliver.jpg
Fairtrade Fortnight 2021
Despite many of ETHOS group being at home during lockdown, those who were in school, organised the Faritrade stock and used Google Classrooms to let school choose what goodies they wanted from our virtual stall. Staff delivered to children's houses and we made £200. The Fairtrade Foundation were delighted with this idea to keep supporting Fairtrade during Lockdown.



ETHOS tidying the Spiritual Garden
After lockdown we realised the garden needed some care so ETHOS set to weeding and sowing sunflowers, mustard seeds and wildflowers


Co op Fairtrade charcoal.jpg
As a final fun activity for ETHOS group to do after planning for next year, we decided on a BBQ using Fairtrade charcoal. The sun shone in the ECO area and we had great time with kebabs, hotdogs, mango and s'mores. 



'Let all that you do be done in love' - Corinthians 1 16:14

Welcome to our Ethos page 2020-2021. We hope you will find out lots of interesting information about what we do on our page. At the moment things are very different for us and we can't do everything as we have always done but we are hoping to get back on track with our work in sharing and living out our values and developing the character of our school. 

One of our first projects is to reconnect with our Fairtrade work. We are thinking about how we can promote Fairtrade in the community and how to make people more aware of the importance of buying Fairtrade products especially during a pandemic! We are acting as 'Agents for Change' and fighting to change the lives of those who live in poverty.

Read Kalpna and Leavadi's story - A Fairtrade Family

Kalpna and Lelavadi’s Story

In India, many people are very poor.

Families don’t have enough money to send children to school, to build a proper house or to buy enough food to eat.

Kalpna and Lelavadi live in a poor area of India. Their parents have a small plot of land on which they grow food for the family to eat and also to sell.

Kalpna and Lelavadi are happy to go back to school during the summer holidays because during mango harvest time the school is transformed into a factory making mango pickle!

By working in the factory, the teenagers can earn valuable money to help pay for their studies.

How do you think buying a Fairtrade product could help this family?

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.


Ethos has always encouraged the school to show our values of compassion, love and generosity by supporting thr Foodbank. As we've thought about Fairtrade as part of our Harvest work we have used Fairtrade sugar, spices, chocolate and bananas in the food we've shared and enjoyed.

Some of our members alongside others from Year 6 helped to bag all the food brought into school for our Harvest. Other members from Year 5 met Mr Hargreaves from the Foodbank and helped to pack the car ready for it all to go to the warehouse.

Anti Bullying Week 2020

The theme for Anti Bullying week this year is UNITED AGAINST BULLYING. Ethos group have explored what this means and how we can be ambassadors for making our school a safe and happy place for everyone. We talked about the difference betwee falling out with our friends and what bullying actually is. We made two short dramas to help eveyone understand the difference.

We remembered the anti Bullying catchphrases: STOP - Several Times On Purpose

and STOP - Start Telling Other People

These are helpful things to remember when you think bullying is happening!

In these two videos, spot the difference between falling out and bullying.

I wrote this poem to raise awareness of bullying. I used my own thoughts and feelings and what I think other people would be feeling if they were being bullied.



Love to learn and learn to love




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