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Welcome to our St George's website. Our value this term is Justice.

Bible Stories

On this page you will find links to some of our favourite Bible stories.

Note to parents - Some of these are YouTube links. Whist we have checked the videos we cannot guarantee what other recommendations or adverts YouTube may make while your child is watching. Please make sure you always know what they are viewing on-line.

     Noah and the Flood - A story from the Old Testament

This is an Old Testament story all about Ruth  

  The call of Samuel

The Super Cool Story of Jesus...

A short run through the life of Jesus

  The story of Jesus' baptism 

A story to remind us that God is with us even when things are a bit rough...

Jesus calms the storm  

  Jesus tells a story about how we have a responsibility to use our talents

The story of the Good Samaritan  

  Jesus feeds the 5000   

The Seriously Surprising Story...

The story of two friends after Jesus has died  

  How Saul becomes Paul - the story of how a man who was not a friend of Jesus was changed.

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