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For anyone that signed up to the ESOL Class. This starts on Tuesday 2nd November. Please come to the office at 9am to sign in. Our Nursery still has places for any child that is 3 or over by the 31st December! Please speak to Alison or Sally in the office on 0161 368 2848 to apply.


Truthfulness Prayer

Help us Lord to be Honest, 
Honest with words - help us to tell the truth,
Honest when wrong - help us to own up bravely.
Honest with things - help us not to take things which do not belong to us.


Values Workshop

By: Emily & Lucy
Yesterday, the Ethos Group put together a ‘Truthfulness Workshop’ for anyone to come to. This was a bit like a “Messy Church”. The activities were: Truthfulness Biscuits, teaspoon prayers, paint-a-card and pasta bracelets and necklaces. A lot of people turned up and they were all very friendly! Just before we started the activities the group did a little presentation just to let people understand what truthfulness really is about. This was all free and no-one had to pay a penny.

Love to learn and learn to love




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