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Welcome back. We hope you all enjoyed the half term break. Our value for this term is Perseverance.

Autumn 1 2023

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We had such an exciting start to the year by being part of the LIVE Blue Peter audience at Media City. It was so interesting to see what the studio looked like and how the staff and set were organised during our visit. We got to join in with a book quiz to guess the book from the drawing and we watched the presenters launch the new book badge. We had such a great time and it will definitely be an experience we will remember forever!

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We had a very active maths lesson today. We were collaborating with our learning partner to create 4 digit numbers using the place value counters. I threw 4 tubs all over the hall floor then they challenged their partner to create the number they had chosen. Excellent team skills and enthusiasm today- well done everyone!



We are having a great time persevering with our D&T project which is to design and make a Roman accessory to be worn on the head. It must contain some stitching and have fabric attached together. The rest is up to us as long as it fits the design brief, we can be as creative as we would like. We have been learning how to sew using binka and embroidery thread. We have been very impressed with the determination to be successful. Some excellent learning behaviours in practice as we learn how to be interdependent and resilient when faced with challenges.

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We have had a good afternoon in Forest School today. Luckily, we didn't get too wet but some of us got very muddy! 🤣 it was lovely to see the children exploring in a different environment and showing us skills and personalities we don't always see in the classroom.

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We thoroughly enjoyed our last session of Forest School. There was some good collaboration and creativity going on out there!! Well done everyone.

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