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Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the half-term break with your family and friends. Our value this term is Courage!

The Surprise

Tomb and Resurrection

The Gathering

There was a garden not far from Golgotha, where Jesus had been crucified and in it was a tomb. This is where they took Jesus and laid him. A giant stone had been rolled across the entrance.

Imagine you are looking at the garden tomb. Light a candle and Listen to the story:

The Story

It was just before dawn on the third day after Jesus had died where Mary and her friends set off for his tomb. As they approached in the grey morning light a sudden earthquake shook the ground. In a dazzling flash of light an Angel appeared and rolled the huge stone away from the entrance. The women were terrified.

‘Don’t be afraid’ said the angel ‘For I know that you were looking for Jesus who was crucified, he is not here he has risen!’ 

The women crept up to the tomb and peered into the darkness with their own eyes they saw that Jesus was no longer there. They turned and ran away with excitement.

Suddenly Jesus met them he was standing right there! The women fell to his feet. ‘Do not be afraid,’ smiled Jesus. ‘Go and tell your friends to go back to Galilee they will see me there.’

So the women did just what Jesus said.


Jesus had been put to death on the cross and now he was alive. A new seed looks is not yet alive but when you plant it, it begins to grow and new life begins as it grows into a beautiful flower or plant. This is a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection.


If you have a seed, plant it and watch it grow over the weeks.

Or look around you in the garden in the streets, look for new life beginning to grow. Write down or draw pictures of where you can see new life appearing.

As you plant the seed or look for signs of new life, think of it as a symbol that reminds us of Jesus’ resurrection.

A Family Prayer:

Lord, we thank you for our family, for the talents and good things that you have given each of us. Please guide us, protect us and equip us this day and every day as we grow together in your love. Amen.


Another of our Easter favourites: The Chocolate Song!

Wishing all our children and families a Happy and Joyful Easter from all the staff at St George's.


Love to learn and learn to love




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