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Station 2 - Servant King - Jesus washes the disciples' feet

The Gathering

Invite the children to sit in the circle around the station.

Opening Questions

Look at the station title Servant King – what do the children think of when they think of those 2 different words? How could Jesus be both?


Explain to the children that long ago people travelled from place to place on foot.  It was hot and tiring.  It was the custom to welcome visitors into your home by washing their feet in cool, clear water to help them feel better.  Usually it was a servant that did this.  When Jesus invited his friends the disciples round, they were surprised by what he did.  It tells us in the Bible ‘Jesus took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel round his waist. After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples feet, drying them with a towel.’ (Choose two children to act out the scene) ‘When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his outer clothing and returned to his place. ‘Do you understand what I have done for you? You call me teacher and Lord, and rightly so, for that is what I am.  Now that I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you should also wash another’s feet.  I have set an example and you should do as I have done for you’

Younger questions

– Why do you think Jesus chose to wash their feet?  Why do you think he didn’t ask a servant to do it?
How do you think it made his friends feel when Jesus washed their feet?
What do you think Jesus was trying to teach his friends?

Older questions

– What do you think Jesus meant when he said ‘I have set you an example’?
What do you think the disciples might have been feeling before and after Jesus had washed their feet?

Activity (optional)
Let the children experience washing a partner’s foot (use the water, sponges/facecloths and towels), reminding the children that Jesus did this and why.


Ask the children how they can show care and compassion to others today.  What do they think they could do to show a friend or family member that they care?  How do they think that they could serve others?
Either say, draw or write their thoughts, using the water droplets, and hang from strings above the station.


Gather the children around the station again to say the final prayer

Christ has no body now on earth but yours:
Yours are the only hands with which he can do his work,
Yours are the only feet with which he can go about the world,
Yours are the only eyes through which his compassion can shine forth upon the troubled world.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.


Dear Lord
We thank you for teaching us how to be kind and compassionate.  Help us to follow your example and guide us to the ways that we can show we care.

Love to learn and learn to love




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