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Hopes and Dreams

The Story of Palm Sunday

The Gathering

People in Jesus' land were dreaming of a time when they would be free from the Roman soldiers who ruled their lives. They were hoping for a leader who would help them to overthrow their enemies.

Light a candle and imagine you are sitting at the beginning of the road to Jerusalem.

Read the story:

The Story

It was time for the Passover. Jesus and his twelve disciples were going to Jerusalem to celebrate the festival. The people were very excited to see Jesus and as he rode towards the city gates, they waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna! Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord”. They spread their cloaks on the road ahead of him. “Praise the King who comes in the name of God!” they shouted.


Think about your hopes and dreams for the future. Draw a palm leaf or draw a picture of your hope or dream that you have for the future. Keep it in a safe place to remind yourself of what it is.

Keep an Easter Journal and write down your thoughts and reflections: what were the people thinking as Jesus rode into Jerusalem?

What might they be saying?

What would they be doing?

What are you thinking?


Dear Jesus, we thank you! You entered your holy city Jerusalem humbly on a donkey. You knew that you were surrounded by enemies and you came in peace. We pray today that your ‘kingdom may truly come’ so that your people can live in peace. Watch over us this Holy Week and draw us nearer to yourself in faith, hope and love. Amen

Write your own prayer or poem for Palm Sunday to reflect what happened when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.


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