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Nursery 2020 - 2021

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Autumn 1

Hi Nursery,

Welcome to your Nursery Class learning page. We will be updating this page with ideas, activities and websites that you can do at home. Please do the new activity set each day. Make sure you have fun, talk and play together.

If you need any advice or more ideas of what to do - get in contact with school and we will do our best to help you! We would love to see how you are doing and the things that you are getting up to, so please send lots of videos and photos to Nursery@st-georges-hyde.tameside.sch.uk We promise that we will reply to all the messages that we receive.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Nursery Team

Useful websites

There are lots of good websites that have some lovely activities and games for the children to play, or ideas for you to have a go at together.

Here are just a few.  If you have any favourites at home - let us know what they are and we can share them with everyone else.

www.youtube.co.uk  You can find your favourite songs and stories here. 

www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies There are lots of clips, programmes and activities to do on this site.  Numberblocks is a good one to start with.  There are also lots of stories to listen to.

www.woodlandstrust.org.uk/naturedetectives There are lots of ideas for games and activities that you can do in the garden.  Use the school pages.

www.theimaginationtree.com  Lots of ideas for things to make and do together.

https://abcdoes.com/home-learning/ ABC Does: 50 fantastic ideas to try at home 

https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/welcome-back/for-home Oxford Owl: Free eBooks 

https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/#3 Hungry Little Minds: Fun activities and educational APPs to play with your child 

http://bedtimemath.org/fun-math-at-home/ Bedtime Math: Keep your maths skills sharp without screentime 

https://www.earlylearn.co.uk/ Early Learn: Free Early Years games


Play Simon Says:

What to do: Begin by calling out simple commands like "Simon says, put your hands on your head," and demonstrating the command yourself. As long as you say "Simon says," your child has to obey you.

Carry on with other commands, such as "Simon says stand on one leg," "Simon says clap your hands". Do some funny ones, too, like "Simon says stick your tongue out".

Then try to catch your child out by saying "Touch your toes," omitting "Simon says". Without the magic words your child mustn't follow the command!

Take turns so your child can give commands.

Learning to write your name

Learn to recognise your name. Their are lots of fun ways to do it.

1. Ask a grown up to print out or write your name. Then write over the top of it, following the shapes of the letters.

2. Find small objects from around your house e.g. beads and buttons, and place them on top of your name.

3. Write your name in sand, glitter or flour.

4. Use magnetic letters. Hold the letters, trace over them with your finger. Match the magnetic letters to those in your name.

5. Ask a grown up to label your favourite cups, water bottles, plates, and placemats. 

6. Ask a grown up to write the letters from your name on Duplo or Lego. Use these bricks to make your name.

Autumn 2


Click on the video above to watch a video from CBeebies about Remembrance. Poppies' is a BBC Children’s remembrance animation. The animation sees The Great War experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield.

Spring 1

Nursery Rhymes

We really enjoy singing nursery rhymes. Incy Wincy Spider is one of our favourites. Click on the picture above to listen to Mr Tumble sing Incy Wincy spider. Join in with the singing and actions.

How can Walter make his web stronger?

Click on the video above to listen to Walter's Wonderful Web? Talk about the story together. Why does Walter's web keep blowing away? How could he make it stronger? What shape would make a good web? Have you got any ideas that could help Walter? Draw Walter a web to help him. Walter shows perseverance as he spins his web, he doesn't give up, no matter how many time it gets blown away.

Value of Responsibility

In Nursery we are learning to be responsible for our words and actions. 

We decided that one way we could be responsible was to help tidy up. We have had lots of fun with our new brushes tidying outside! 

The children have reflected that we can be responsible by using kind words, kind hands and kind feet. We have made a rainbow using our kind hands handprints. The prayer we say when we come in every afternoon, reminds us to be kind and good.

Dear God,

Please bless all I do today,

All my thoughts and work and play,

Help me to do the things I should,

To be to others kind and good,


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