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Our Values day on 7th January gave us the opportunity to explore our new value for the half term - Trust. We started with Collective Worship thinking about even when we face our biggest fears, God is always there to lead and to guide us. We can trust God to help us to be strong and courageous and to face our fears. We listemed to the story of Nemo to help us undestand that Nemo put his trust in his father like we can put our trust in God.

My God is my strength in whom I trust Psalm 18:2

And he is with you wherever you are. (Al Qur’an 57:4)

Exploring Trust

Throughout the day we asked lots of questions and explored the value in more depth. We looked at different ways we have to trust ourselves, Trust each other and trust other peaple. We also asked the question - Are we trustworthy?

These are the different questions we explored:

N/R - What is Trust? Who do we trust at home/ at school? How does Trust make us feel?

Y1/Y2 – What does it mean to trust someone or to be trusted? Can we be trusted? Can we trust each other? What does it take to be trustworthy?

Y3/ Y4 – Who are the different people we have to trust in our lives? In what different situations do we have to be trusting? Find examples. Is trust easy or hard?

Can we try some examples of trusting each other? How does it feel to trust/ to be trusted?

Y5/Y6 – How are trust/ faith different/ similar? What happens when trust breaks down? Some people lose faith when bad things happen in the world – what does this make you think? How does it make you feel?


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A Prayer for Trust

Father God

Thank you that you are bigger than my greatest fears and that you will never leave me. In Jesus' name


Dear God

Thank you that we can always trust you. We know that you won’t ever let us down or leave us on our own. You are always there for us. In Jesus' name


Creating our display

Reflecting on and responding to our work, we created a display in the hall which included children's work from Nursery to Year 6.

We showed what we had learnt about Trust.

We looked at the words of one of our favourite songs: 'My Lighthouse' and explained how the words told us about trusting God.

We included Bible quotes that we had found which helped us to remember where the Bible tells us about trusting God.

Our display was based on the work of one of our favourite artists Hannah Dunnett. We looked at some of her work based on trust.


Our amazing display

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Reflective Spaces

During the day we created new reflective spaces for our classrooms. We thought about how to represent the value trust - what objects and images we wanted to display - and how we are going to use our reflective area to help us to continue to think about our value and think more deeply about it.