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Autumn 1 2018 Value - Generosity

Generosity Display


Our value for this half term is Generosity. We are thinking about different ways we can show our generosity and what it means to be a generous person. The story of the Rainbow Fish tells how the rainbow fish showed generosity by giving each of the fish one of his sparkling scales. He made them all very happy and they all became very good friends.

Each class has looked at Generosity: how they show generosity, how we can be more generous, what it means to be generous, giving generously and sharing, using our talents to be generous, prayers to help us think about generosity. Each class has created part of the story to put together our wonderful display:

Reception -The Rainbow Fish.

Y1 Starfish 

Y2 small fish

Y3 Octopus

Y4 seaweed

Y5 shellfish

Y6 The sea

We have explored our memory verses: God Loves a Cheerful Giver 2 Corinthians 9:7   Generosity is to help a deserving person without his request Qur'an 34


Generosity Prayers

Dear Father God We pray that you will help us to find it easier and easier to share what we have so that we can make others happy. AMEN

Generous God
Make our hearts like yours, always ready to give.
Help us to see opportunities to give our time, so we can achieve amazing things together.

Generous God
Teach us to be grateful for all the good gifts in our lives and to be generous when giving to others.

Click on the link for some ideas about Generosity

Growing the Generositree Autumn 2015

Photo 11-09-2015 10 29 25(1)Photo 14-09-2015 10 40 44(1)

The children have written on the leaves. They have said what their talent is and how they will use it generously.