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Good to be Green

Good to be Green is part of our Behaviour Policy. Each half term those children who have stayed stayed in the green zone every day for the whole half term, are rewarded. These treats have varied between a dvd with popcorn, trip to the park with ice lollies and cooking. This half term the treat will be making scarecrows and toasting marshmallows.

Autumn 1 Good to be Green Treat - Making Scarecrows and Toasting Marshmallows

92 children received the treat after an 8 week half term. Reception don't join in until May so that's a great number of children.
We had a lot of fun in the Eco area and the rain didn't stop us! Mr Kilpatrick lit a fire and everyone had a fruit  juice and toasted marshmallows.  Each class made a scarecrow for their garden area and Year 4 and 5 made one for Nursery and Reception. We all had a great time! 

Autumn 2 Good to be Green Treat - Watching a Film

111 children got their certificates this time.

 Everyone had the treat together and watched the film Inside Out in the Hall. We had popcorn and juice and it felt just like the cinema! Well done everyone for staying on Green this half term.

Good to be Green Spring 1 2016

Spring 1 Good to be Green Treat

107 children received their certificates and a huge WELL DONE in assembly for staying on Green over the first half term of the year.

The infants had fun building with lego and knex then helped to make the muffins for the Fairtrade BIG BREAKFAST. The Juniors had time in the ICT suite, played board games and chose between sports in the Hall with the coach or baking more muffins for the Fairtrade BIG BREAKFAST in March. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to all the staff who helped to make things run smoothly!

Spring 2 Good to be Green Treat

114 children got certificates in assembly, some children in Year 6 got it for the first time, so they got an extra clap!
We were praying it would be dry and the sun came out for our scavenger hunt. Children were paired together, older children with younger ones, so people made new friends and helped each other. The challenge was then to create something with the things we'd found. We had extras such as wool and playdough, but it was great to see how many different things were made.
The top three creations were judged by Mrs Walker and Mrs Hewitt and the winning pairs received little eggs and a packet of golden eggs to share.
Well done everyone.

Summer 1 Good to be Green Treat - It's a Knockout and Ice Lollies

Reception class were part of this treat and had their own little obstacle course in Foundation Stage playground followed by an ice lolly.  KS1 went onto the big playground and grassy area and with the help of Mike the Sports Coach, enjoyed a series of challenges in teams. KS2 followed on and the Infants watched them whilst they were enjoying their ice lollies. It was a beautiful day and a fun afternoon. Well done to all 129 children who achieved their certificate and treat.

Summer 2 Good to be Green Treat - Party in the Vicarage Garden

The children enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon party at the Vicarage Garden for the Good to be Green Treat. 153 children achieved this! Brilliant!

Green All Year

53 children got a special certificate for staying in the green zone all year. Well done!

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