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Good to be Green

Good to be Green is part of our Behaviour Policy. Each half term those children who have stayed stayed in the green zone every day for the whole half term, are rewarded. These treats are varied and have included: a dvd with popcorn, trip to the park with ice lollies, cooking, forest school activities, making scarecrows and toasting marshmallows.

Spring 1

147 children received certificates.

The children made, decorated and baked cookies which they ate at the end. They played games with Mike. The children enjoyed working in mixed year groups.













Autumn 2

128 children received certificates and watched an animation of The Christmas Carol in Church with popcorn.

Autumn 1

135 children received certificates from Years 1-6 and in the afternoon on the last day of term, KS1 enjoyed creating with Hama beads and then "building a bonfire" on a biscuit with Matchmakers and orange and red icing sugar!
KS2 also did the bonfire biscuit but they also toasted marshmallows and created stick people using natural resources found in the ECO area. The rain held off and we all had a great time.