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Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

We had a fantastic 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone who supported it and made it all such a success!! We raised £214 from our Fairtrade stalls and £360.40 from our Change the Rules Day and Coffee Afternoon. The money will be split between Traidcraft Exchange and the Fairtrade Foundation.

Theme - Cocoa

Fairtrade fortnight board

Change the Rules Day

On Friday 1st March we doing Change the Rules Day again and children have a choice of 3 things to change for £!.They could choose to change their name for the day, have crazy hair, wear trainers, wear their own clothes, wear nail varnish, bring their teddy to sit with them, have your own choice of snack or have a different drink in your water bottle.

Change the rules Daychange the rules

Coffee Afternoon

Each class baked something to sell at our coffee afternoon where we showed the parents "My Fairtrade Adventure" about the journey of cocoa..

The raffle was won by Joel, Luke, Aaron and Isabelle.

Collective Worship

ETHOS led collective worship and introduced this year's theme which is cocoa. We watched a PPT called from Bean to Bar to see the story behind Divine chocolate which we sell on our Fairtrade Stalls.

Fairtrade Stalls


Celebration Assembly

At the celebration assembly, each class showed what learning they had done.


Year 3

Year 5