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Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

Fairtrade 2017

Fairtrade Fortnight Assembly

The Ethos Group led a great assembly and told the school about this year's focus for Fairtrade Fortnight which is 'Put fairtrade in your Break'.   We watched a film about Pablo the superbanana and how bananas grow and how fairtrade makes sure the farmers get a fair price. We were really suprised to find out Fairtrade makes footballs! We watched another film and learned that the workers who make footballs in Pakistan love fairtrade because it keeps them safe and they earn more money. They also earn an extra amount called the Fairtrade Premium and they've used it to make life better at work, with clean water and a bus to bring them every day and a clinic to sort out any eye problems.

The Ethos Group linked making a difference with Fairtrade to our values of Compassion, Love and Hope. They showed the children how Fairtrade footballs were made ready for the 'Celebrate your Break' day the following Friday.

In our lessons we learned lots of different things over the two weeks and we really enjoyed our smoothies and hot chocolate!!


We held a stall each Thursday during Fairtrade Fortnight. Mrs Taylor our art teacher has taken a catalogue because so many people at the other schools she works in loved the necklace she bought last time from our stall, and she's now going to sell Fairtrade things to them!!













The Fairtrade stalls were a great success during Fairtrade Fortnight. Our two stalls raised £148 altogether.

Fairtrade Prayer

Let us be mindful of where the food we eat has come from and consider all the people involved in producing it. In particular let us be thankful to the farmers and workers working hard growing the food we enjoy and make sure we do what we can to make sure they are fairly paid for their hard work. This is Fairtrade Fortnight, a time when everyone across the country shouts about Fairtrade and getting a fair deal for farmers and workers. AMEN

KS2 Cookery Club

We used Fair Trade ingredients to make these yummy cakes.

Putting Fairtrade in our Break - Friday 10th March 2017

Everyone enjoyed their banana and mango smoothies and hot chocolates on the Friday as each class came up into the hall. Councillor Kinsey came and chatted to some of the Ethos Group and Year 5 about Fairtrade and he came back in the afternoon with our MP Jonathan Reynolds. Thank you for all the support for this event, we made £153.40 which went to Traidcraft.

Fairtrade Board(1)Fairtrade Break 1
Fairtrade AdvertFairtrade Break 2

Using our Fairtrade Football, Meeting our MP Jonathan Reynolds and Councillor Kinsey

The children had great fun using the fairtrade football for a knockout competition. The final was at 2.30pm on the Friday afternoon and our MP came to watch it and join in the fun, even mentioning us on twitter. Ethos group met him and chatted to him about Fairtrade and how he became an MP.

He and councillor Kinsey left at the end of the afternoon with some Fairtrade goodies and we were really pleased to have shown them how important Fairtrade is to us at St. George's.

Fairtrade MPFairtrade MP3