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Fair Achiever School

We continue to be proud to be a Fair Achiever School. This is the highest award given to schools by the Fairtrade Foundation. Well done everybody.

We are on the Fairtrade Blog for the work we did when we made and sold gingerbread. Click here to read the blog

St George's Church Fair - May 2019

Dorothy Goodwin asked if we could have a Fairtrade stall at St. George's church Spring Fair on Saturday 12th May 2019

We met and chatted to lots of people and saw some children who used to come to St. George's when they were younger and who were in ETHOS group.

We made £38.10

Thank you to everyone who supported us



Fairtrade - Gingerbread - December 2018

This year, the Fairtrade Foundation have asked schools to make and bake gingerbread and sell it at their Christmas Fairs. Our Fairtrade board fits in with this theme and is called The Taste of Christmas. At the stall at our Christmas Fair on Friday 7th December there will be a chance for children to ice and then eat gingerbread!!

Board 1

Making Gingerbread

Year 6 spent the afternoon making gingerbread using the recipe supplied by The Fairtrade Foundation. This is for the Christmas Markets on Hyde Market which school supports every year. This year it is Thursday 6th December 2018.

Making Decorations

Ethos Group covered hearts and crosses with Fairtrade Divine chocolate wrappers to make decorations.

Ethos Group

ETHOS giving a gift of a TRAIDCRAFT bus and little people to our Nursery. This has come out of some profit built up in our account. We also bought biscuits for our Governors to enjoy at their meetings.

We had a fantastic sale of Fairtrade goods after the Nativity play on Wednesday 19th December so our parents could see the stock. We had another stall on Thursday 20th at breaktime for the children and have sold over £90 worth of gifts, sweets, drinks and chocolate.

Board Detail

Fairtrade Games

ETHOS group played the games , which came with the pack, in 3 different groups on Tuesday 27th November and learned a lot about spices. They were surprised that 80% vanilla came from Madagascar.

Poster 2

School Christmas Fair

The children had the opportunity to ice the gingerbread men and eat them!