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Our Fairtrade Awards

In September 2014 we gained our Fairaware and Fairactive awards. We are now working towards our Fair Achiever award.




Fairtrade Update

We are working towards the final award for Fairtrade Schools which is the Fair Achiever Award.

All the work which went on during Fairtrade Fortnight has helped with this. The Governors have approved a Fairtrade Policy which will soon be on the website. Our original Action Plan has been met and new targets set. We have embedded learning with the children looking at Fairtrade across the subjects. Reception looked at the symbol and learned about our food. They learned that some of the things we eat come from a long way away. Year 1 visited Morrisons and identified products with the Fairtrade Mark and became familiar with the symbol by making a huge collage of it. Year 2 looked at Foncho the banana farmer and how little money he gets when the whole process of shipping and transporting the bananas is understood and they played the banana game from the Fairtrade Schools website. They learned where bananas come from and how Fairtrade makes trade fairer. Year 3 worked in literacy on their persuasive writing. They wrote letters to Subway asking them to switch to using Fairtrade products in their refreshments and did homework making posters to encourage the use of Fairtrade products and why.

Year 4 incorporated Fairtrade into their Maths work by looking at the area of chocolate and spent time imagining they were a cocoa farmer and what they would spend their premium on and presenting that on paper. Year 5 followed the adventures of Tanya on the Fairtrade Foundation video and like Year 4 learned about cocoa and how chocolate is produced. They worked on their persuasive writing skills to encourage the reader to hear the facts and then decide whether they wanted to make a difference and support Fairtrade. Year 6 built on their links with Tameside Radio and learned how to make punchy and catchy soundbites to present on the radio about using Fairtrade and they wrote articles to go in the newspaper.

Collective worship in that time was led by the ETHOS group who led worship with drama, prayers, and a powerpoint . Fun things like the fund raising with Crazy Hair, Hot Chocolates and biscuits, Cookery Club and the Fairtrade Stall all helped to deepen our understanding. The Fundraising was part of our commitment and challenge to raise money for Fairtrade as well as learn about it. Finally, the children will repeat a questionnaire they did at the very start of the process and hopefully they will have a greater awareness.

Our display board in the Hall shows the work we’ve done so far.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

We will come back into school as Fairtrade Fortnight begins.

During the week the children will be learning about Fairtrade and the difference it makes to people's lives. a Look at the website for photos of all that will be going on.

Our Ethos group will lead the Assembly on Tuesday 24th  (our first day back) and at the end of the week the children have decided to come to school with crazy hairstyles to  raise money for Traidcraft Exchange. Please send a donation with your crazy hair! On that same day Friday 27th February we will have a Fairtrade Stall selling Fairtrade treats. Most things are around 65p to £1.

On Friday 6th March we will be selling hot chocolates and a choclatey treat for £1 during break time for anyone wanting one.

Fairtrade Fortnight is about encouraging us to think about the people behind our staples of tea, sugar, coffee and cocoa and to switch our normal brands to fairly traded ones.

We received this email from the Fairtrade Foundation

From: Giovanna Hristidis 
Sent: 03 March 2015 16:06
To: Fiona McKeown
Subject: RE: Are you ready for Fairtrade Fortnight ?
Dear Fiona
Thank you so much! Your activities for Fairtrade Fortnight are really original and sound like lot of fun too! I visited your website and looked at some photos too – both teachers and pupils at your school must feel very proud. Thank you for you effort. I’m sure your students will remember about Fairtrade as they grow up and they will make the right choices when the time will come.
Best of luck with the rest of Fairtrade Fortnight and please write again to let us know how it all went!
All the best

Fairtrade Visit

On Thursday 12th February 2015 Mrs Mckeowen, Thomas from Year 3 and Jubeda from Year 5 went down to the café’s in Hyde like Moody Cow, Lady Lavender, Tea at no 77, Mocha Joe’s, Bake ‘N’ Butty, Rendezvous café, Cat’s Cakes and No 64.We went there with our letters that we typed up about Fairtrade Fortnight trying to persuade them to use Fairtrade products. Some of the cafés were using Fairtrade tea and coffee and didn’t realise that they were. A lot of the café’s said that they would let us know if they had switched to Fairtrade. It really went well. by Jubeda 

Collective Worship

Fairtrade AssemblyMrs McKeown and our Ethos Group led our Collective Worship on Tuesday to introduce the ideas behind Fair Trade and remind us of why it is so important. They gave us facts, drama, pictures and prayers to help us think and reflect. As part of their work in class the children are considering different aspects of Fair Trade so they can understand it more Today we have had ‘crazy hair day’ and a Fair Trade Stall with lots of goodies to buy! We will have pictures and more information about how this went in next week’s newsletter. Next Friday, 6 March we will be serving Fair Trade Hot Chocolate and a Chocolate treat for £1. Children need to bring £1 into school by Wednesday, 4 March so that we can be prepared and ensure that we have enough for everyone. Thanks 

Click on the document links to see the powerpoint that was created by Sam and Lucy.


Dear God,
Thank you for people who work for Fair Trade.
Thank you for all the hard work that farmers put in every day to grow the things we buy and enjoy.
In Jesus' Name


Fairtrade Fortnight in school has involved all the children in finding out lots more about Fairtrade and understanding more about the impact on producers of items such as bananas, cocoa, tea, coffee and sugar.

Cookery Club

Our Cookery clubs have been using some of these Fairtrade products to make cookies and cakes - look out for the recipes coming up on the website soon!

Cookery Club(1)

Recipes using Fair Trade Ingredients

Click on the document links below to find recipes for Double Chocolate Chip Cookes and Lemon Cupcakes using Fairtrade ingredients.

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day, the Fairtrade stall, and sales of Fairtrade Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Treats have helped to raise around £175 which is fantastic! This will go to Traidcraft's Fair Necessities Appeal and will be doubled by UK Aid. Well done and thank you to everyone for your support!




Hot Chocolate and a Chocolate Treat using Fairtrade Products

Year 1

On Wednesday, Year 1 visited Morrisons to look for Fair Trade products available in our local area. They used their noticing skills to find the Fair Trade Logo and found lots of items such a tea, coffee and sugar.

Year 4

Year 4 thought about how they would spend their Fairtrade Premium if they were a farmer. Click on the links below to find out more.

Year 5 - How can Chocolate do good as well as taste good?

100% of year 5 like chocolate. We found out by doing a questionnaire and that was the results. So we know chocolate does taste good but how does it do good too?

In the Dominican Republic, farmers live in poverty which means the farmer and his family don't have important things like we have, for example; clean water, a shower, clean clothes and definitely a washing machine!

Fairtrade helps by improving their conditions and provides a better future. Being part of the fairtrade company means that farmers get more money. Therefore when we buy it could help them pay for their children to go to school.

As a result, we found out it does do good as well as tasting good. Will you improve farmers lives by buying fairtrade chocolate?

by Leah

Year 6 - Radio Adverts

Year 6 children have been creating Radio adverts, persuading people of the benefits of buying Fairtrade. We hope to hear these on local radio in the near future.

Please click on the links below to hear the adverts.

Year 6 - Newspaper Reports

Year 6 have been writing newspaper articles to persuade people in Tameside to buy Fairtrade Products.

Daffodil Tea 27th March 2015

On the 27th March 2015 we held a daffodil tea for parents, friends and children. As part of the tea we had a fairtrade stall manned by one of our parents.We raised £35.15. 

Spring Fair at St George's Church, Hyde - Saturday 16th May

We have been asked to hold a Fairtrade Stall at the Church Fair. This will be an opportunity to raise Fairtrade awareness among the wider community.