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Collecting Food for our Local Foodbank

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We went to visit our local food bank to see where our donations of food went and what happened to them. We learnt all about how the food is distributed and how it helps the people in our local area.

As part of living out our values and putting our faith into action, we collect food for our local foodbank. We realised that the foodbank collection point in our local supermarket does not collect food for local people, so we decided to make our school a collection point. When we have enough food, Mrs Goodwin comes to collect the food and takes it to the centre at Hyde Central Methodist Church. Some of us went to visit to see where our donations go and what happens to them. Mrs Goodwin told us all about the foodbank and how it works.

We also collected food as part of our ‘reverse advent’ where we put something into the bags for every day in advent.

If you want to donate food to the food bank please bring your non-perishable items into school.

Food banks: How to find one, who can use them, what food can you get and how can you help out.

Food is getting more expensive and some people are struggling to pay for food to feed their families. Consequently, demand for food from the food bank is on the rise too.

Food banks are run by volunteers who collect and organise food into parcels for those who are in crisis and need emergency supplies.

There are many local food bank collection points and anyone can donate dried or non-perishable food items. Some food banks have the facilities to provide fresh food too. They may provide non-food items, like toiletries and hygiene products as well.

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