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Ethos Group 2019-20

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We are the Ethos group. Some of us were members last year and some of us are new members this year. Our job is to work through our values to develop the character of our school. Our school values are: LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, THANKFULNESS, HOPE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION AND HONESTY.

Ethos Group 2019

Exploring our values

In our Ethos group we work on different things like collective worship, Fairtrade, different charities, wellbeing and other events in the community. We also organise our own Ethos conferences. We explore our values and put our faith into action.

Our Spiritual Garden


We have created our own ‘Spiritual Garden’ which is a place where you can go to pray, to sit quietly or talk to friends or to simply reflect. When we designed our garden, we thought very carefully about the things we put in it. We have 13 seats to sit on; these represent the twelve disciples and Jesus. The plants in the garden are either mentioned in the Bible or simply have a nice smell or look pretty for you to notice and be mindful. The prayer post and the prayer hearts are where you can write your own prayer for yourself or for someone else. The worry pebbles are to hold and think about the things that are worrying you; you can ask God for help and guidance. We use our windows mirrors and doors to help us think about our values: Windows - looking at ourselves and how we understand things, Mirrors - reflecting on ourselves and how we behave, Doors – looking outwards to share what we know with others.

Our Fairtrade Christmas Tree

Children's Nutrition Team

 Ethos group invited Mr Brearley from the Children's Nutrition Team to talk to him about Fairtrade and our stall, just after Fairtrade Fortnight on 10th March 2020. He spoke to us about the Healthy Schools Award and our current status of Silver.He explained why sweets and chocolate aren't a good idea and create acid attacks on our teeth. We shared how important Fairtrade is to our school and how it's about helping others through what we buy. We came up with different ideas like selling bananas, baking using Fairtrade ingredients but with reduced sugar, banana smoothies and limit sales to one purchase per person. Mr Brearley said having the stall once a term would be better. He gave us some information and we gave him some things to read too.We suggested he use Fairtrade products in his Cook and Eat courses so we both left with a lot to think about!

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Ethos group had a very busy Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 and you can see all that went on by visiting the Fairtrade part of the website.

Our hope was to encourage places of worship to begin their own Fairtrade journey so we invited them to our Cake and Coffee Afternoon and we did a presentation about Fairtrade.

Ethos group are planning to take collective worship about Fairtrade to other schools to help them to begin to think about becoming a Fairtrade School. This is part of our Action Plan.


This year we decided to have a Fairtrade Christmas tree to remind us about all the Fartrade products we can use and to show other people how important Fairtrade is. We had some amazing designs from all the classes in school and the tree looked fantastic!

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