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Ethos Conference September 2018


Meeting new people is a good way to ‘connect’ which is one of the five ways to wellbeing. Thinking about our value ‘Friendship’ we can create a piece of artwork to remind us of the new friends we have made today. A good friend is someone we can talk to, someone we can laugh with and someone we can share things with. God wants us to love one another and to be a good friend.

Friendship Framed


Our Spiritual Garden is a place to sit quietly to reflect and pray. Everything in the garden has a link to the Bible and helps us to be in the presence of God. Taking time to notice gives us the opportunity to appreciate God’s beautiful creation and to think about our values. In particular we can think about our values of
Thankfulness, Love, Hope and Compassion.

Be Active

Being active helps to keep us healthy through exercise, being outdoors and appreciating the world around us. Bible stories teach us about the many Christian Values and the ways in which we can show our values in action. The treasure hunt will keep us active, at the same time as reminding us how familiar stories in the bible can teach us about values we can live by.

We held another successful Ethos Conference this week, with almost 90 children from 15 different schools taking part in Collective Worship and Values Workshops. Our theme was Wellbeing and how living out our Values helps our sense of Wellbeing. It was a busy day but with lots of opportunity to reflect and think. Well done and thank you to the Ethos Group and staff who prepared and led the workshops.


There is no time when we are closer to God than when we give to others. Generosity opens our hearts as well as the hearts of people who receive from us. The Bible tells us that we should be generous to others as well as being thankful for the love and care given to us by God.
Generosity means giving or sharing freely the things that you value – whether material possessions, money, time or love – in a positive spirit.

Keep Learning

Keeping learning helps us to feel good. There's great fun in doing new things ! We'll learn a new song of praise together and think about the values of Hope, Love and Compassion as we sing, drum and sign.
At the end of the day we will be able to share our new learning as we sing and play our new song all together.

Reflection End of the Day

End of the DayEnd of Day 2

Well Being Passport