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Ethos Group 2017-18


Ethos Group 2017 - 18

We are the Ethos group. Some of us were members last year and some of us are new members this year. Our job is to work through our values to develop the character of our school. Our school values are: Love, FRIENDSHIP, THANKFULNESS, HOPE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION AND HONESTY.

In our Ethos group we work on different things like collective worship, Fairtrade, different charities, wellbeing and other events in the community. We also organise our own Ethos conferences.

Spiritual Garden

We have created our own ‘Spiritual Garden’ which is a place where you can go to pray, to sit quietly or talk to friends or to simply reflect. When we designed our garden, we thought very carefully about the things we put in it. We have 13 seats to sit on; these represent the twelve disciples and Jesus. The plants in the garden are either mentioned in the Bible or simply have a nice smell or look pretty for you to notice and be mindful. The prayer post and the prayer hearts are where you can write your own prayer for yourself or for someone else. The worry pebbles are to hold and think about the things that are worrying you; you can ask God for help and guidance. We use our windows mirrors and doors to help us think about our values: Windows - looking at ourselves and how we understand things, Mirrors - reflecting on ourselves and how we behave, Doors – looking outwards to share what we know with others.


The Ethos group are working with Ali from Mind – a mental Health organisation - to help raise awareness of emotional health and wellbeing in school. We are looking at the five ways to wellbeing and to promote these throughout the school so that everyone is aware and can be in charge of their emotional wellbeing.

Please click on the document to find out more.

Ethos Group made some posters.

Worship Awards

Some of our Ethos group are working towards our worship awards organised by Mrs Walker. The first award is Bronze, then its Silver and finally Gold. The Ethos group will have to work hard and really think to achieve these awards. Recently, Dawn and Noorin from year 5 presented a House worship to the Derby. The worship was great and more of these are sure to come. One of the first steps to getting the Bronze award is to write a paragraph or two about yourself. Everyone has to keep a record of evidence towards each award. The awards mean that more children can get involved in leading Collective Worship. To do this you need to work really hard and you need lots of courage!

Operation Christmas Child

Once again we have been very successful in collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas child. Each class collected items for at least two boxes and some children filled their own boxes and brought them in from home. The Ethos group collected the boxes and they were picked up from school by the Operation Christmas Child organisers. Altogether we collected 34 boxes in just two weeks! An amazing effort by everyone and this means that we have given 34 children a very Happy Christmas. Well done to everyone for showing our values Hope, Compassion and Love for others.










Ethos Conference 2018

We are currently busy organising our third Ethos conference. It will be held in the Autumn term so if you think your school might be interested look out on our website for the exact date. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘The Five Ways to Welbeing.’ These are: Connect, Keep learning, Be active, Give and Take notice. There will be fun activities, the opportunity to make new friends and lots of ideas to take back to your own school. It will be a great success so don’t miss out!


We are a ‘Fair Achieving’ school which is the highest Fairtrade award you can get. It means we buy as many Fairtrade products we can and we also use Fairtrade products for cooking and the staff have Fairtrade tea and coffee for their breaks. We also look at how Fairtrade helps people in other countries and tell people how they can help Fairtrade. We have our Fairtrade stall the last Thursday in every month. We sell chocolate, snacks, drinks, gifts and other Traidcraft products. The money we raise buys more items for the stall or to help buy things like books for children in other countries who are less fortunate than ourselves. Look on our Fairtrade page for more information.

We enjoyed looking at the FAIRTRADE fact sheets about the world cup and seeing the links between footballers , facts and products from that country.

Fair Trade Stall

We have made some profit on the Fairtrade stall so we bought some windchimes for Foundation Stage( see photo) and given £ 20 to buying books for refugee children. ETHOS realise we have so many books around school and thought it would be lovely to give children books who'd have to leave their homes and everything behind.







This letter is the thankyou for the money sent after Fairtrade Fortnight which was then doubled due to the Governments match funding.

Ethos have also bought Traidcraft shortbreads for the Governors to munch on at their meetings.

Christmas Tree

The Ethos Group decorated one of the Christmas Trees in the centre of Hyde on Wednesday, our colour theme is red, make sure you have a look next time you are out shopping.

17 Ethos Tree 7