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Quiet Garden Project

July 2017

Former Pupils Visit the Spiritual Garden

We have had three ex Ethos members Sean and Lucy and Emily and a past pupil, who came to visit the completed garden.

They began the designs and planned it in June 2016 and in September 2016 the new ETHOS group continued with those plans and brought it to fruition.

They said how lovely the water feature was and felt it was very calm. They were really pleased to see the garden finished.

Year 6 writing prayers in the Spiritual Garden. 

June 2017

We have completed lots of work in our spiritual garden. The Teachers were shown around at staff meeting this week and soon the children will be able to see all the work that has been done. ETHOS group have been thinking about ways to share how we want it to be used. Governors will be looking at it at their meeting and they have been invited to donate a bible plant to add to the garden.

May 2017

Work has now started on our new Spiritual Garden. The Ethos Group have spent a long time planning what they would like and have now started the enormous task of digging! Some of the children helped by going shopping to choose new fencing and seating with Mrs Hewitt and other children stayed behind to help with the hard work of more digging!

Autumn 2016

Ethos group have consulted each class and have been working and planning a redesign of the area outside Year 6. Mr Kilpatrick has lifted all the flags and we are plotting out the floor space and deciding where we want our water feature, seating areas, stepping stones and areas for plants to go. We are hoping to spend a day working on it to make it a space for adults and children. We want it to be a place where we can think about our values, have a moment in the busyness to stop and reflect and pray and to enjoy a place of beauty.