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Anti Bullying Week

The focus this year For Anti Bullying Week has been "All equal all different " and we have used this to talk about the power of our words in collective worship. We have thought about how we can all take responsibility for our words and actions. Teachers and middays have given out kindness tokens when they've seen it, to promote thoughtfulness throughout the week. If we are spending time being kind, this will encourage positive relationships. There will be a display of all the work we’ve done in the Hall.

ETHOS group used the video "Birds on the Wire" in their collective worship to set the scene for anti-bullying week. The school answered their questions about how the little birds were mean and excluded the big bird. They spotted the different sorts of bullying behaviours. Children were asked what could have been done differently. This year's theme is "All different. All equal." 

Mrs Walker used the video Kindness Boomerang in an assembly at the start of the week to show how kind acts encourage other kind acts

The lyrics to Forest Fire fitted with Mrs Walker's collective worship about the power of our words and feeds into the display in the Hall. The children were challenged to write kind words on a flame and stick it to the display.

Year 2's circle time thought about how to use words of encouragement on a hand with a person's name in the middle to make them feel good.

Year 3 thought about how they have been angry with someone and they wrote it down. They then shredded the paper to show they were letting it go and the shredded paper is stuck on the Kindness display along with the hands.

Games which highlighted our differences were played with other classes to illustrate this year's theme.

Kindness Tokens

To help us focus our thoughts more positively during Anti Bullying week this year, teachers and middays awarded at lunchtime and in class, 294 kindness tokens for kind acts seen and celebrated.

What a great way to encourage better ways of behaving, such as forgiving, encouraging, noticing and helping others! Each token is displayed on the board in the Hall.