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Assembly 17 November 2016

On Thursday we did a drama during Anti-bullying week. We acted out a story about  a farmer being mean to a duck based on the story " Farmer Duck." The story was read first then everyone was asked how the animals had helped the duck.  The children noticed they had stood up for him and noticed he was unhappy.

On Monday Mrs Walker had talked about the power of words to make people feel good or make people feel bad. She encouraged us to say kind things and build each other up, not put each other down.

Noorin and Maeesha acted the parts of the Farmer and the Duck. They came together to listen to how each other felt, to try and understand and then with the whole school's help, find a solution that the farmer and the duck were happy with. Arman helped to guide their conversation.

This is how to solve problems peacefully.

Year 3 and Year 6 did some work this week about how to solve problems this way and to learn ways of calming down so that we are ready to talk and listen. They learned about restorative justice as a way of understanding how other's feel and to put things right.

Arman and Mrs McKeown