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Friday Freedom Group

Friday 28th February - today the weather is really bad so we have stayed inside to do some mindful colouring. We have enjoyed sitting and chating together and keeping dry! 

Decorating Biscuits

Friday Freedom Group have been busy decorating biscuits and buns for the Christmas Fair.

28th September 2018

This morning we dug in some fresh compost onto the vegetable patch and planted some mustard seeds and garlic.The runner bean leaves and stalks have been removed and the ladies will use them to make a vegetable curry.

21st September 2018

Freedom Friday Group started again in September by picking the beans which grew so well during the summer.

We went down to the ECO area and started weeding the garden ready for more planting.  We are going to put some compost on and dig it in very soon.

This week we went to the celebration assembly and then we played Jenga, had a drink and a chat.

Stay and play has started again with lots of eager children and parents joining us on Thursdays 8:45 - 10am in the Nursery room.

Friday Freedom Group

Freedom Friday Group is going very well. We have a good group - some come on a regular basis and some come occasionally.

We have done varied activities which include arts and crafts, gardening, word searches, trips to Ashton MIND cafe and Portland Basin on the bus. We have been to Manchester or the train and tram and gone shopping in Primark! We have had some lovely walks along the canal and been down to the river and fed the ducks. 

The group are enjoying the outings and also a chance to get together for a chat while having a coffee and a biscuit - toast sometimes!!

A child brought some photographs to show the class of him and his family going to the canal for a walk in the Easter Holidays after mum came on the canal walk with the group.

When doing workd searches and Scrabble some mums have commented on how good these are for helping with spelling and English language.

We are not only have fun and enjoyment, but confidence building too!

Freedom Friday Group went to Morrisons with Year 3. We had a tour around Morrisons. We watched the fish man prepare a trout.We had cheese and wedges to try and then we were given pizzas and doughnuts to bring back to school.