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Family Learning

Time Out for Parents - The Primary Years

Family Learning - our new course Time out for Parents The Primary Years will start on Monday 14th Jan 2019 from 9-11am. For more information click here.

The course Time out for parents has finished now. Here are some comments from the Mum who attended.

" It has helped build my confidence. I've become an active listener with my children" Fatema

"I'm more patient with my children" Shamsun

" I try and understand their feelings and spend quality time with them" Sultana

" I have learned to listen when they're in a bad mood"  Mahbuba

" I've learned a lot about internet safety and how to put boundaries around it." Afsana

"The course has taught me things which I've implemented at home" Mahbuba


After Easter we hope to run a healthy bodies, healthy minds course about wellbeing. 


Making Storytime Fun!

This course ran from Sept 18 to November 18. It had lots of practical ideas to make storytime fun. 

These photos show the Mums sharing their own handmade versions of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The Making Storytime Fun course has now finished. Here are our Mums getting their certificates.


"It's been a brilliant 10 weeks" said Michelle the Tameside tutor who has just completed the 'Making Storytime Fun' course with seven St George's parents. 

In just a short time the course has taught them lots of new ways of bringing stories to life and given them new ideas on how to make reading more enjoyable at home.

The children of the parents who attended also came to each session and were able to join in each week and helped to create their own stories and use their imaginations!

All of the parents said how much their confidence has grown with each topic and how helpful Michelle has been. They all really enjoyed the course and look forward to the next one in the New Year.