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Family Learning

Computer Learning - Summer 2018

Another computer class is coming to an end after more successful learning. Well done to all our groups this year!

Be Happy Stay Healthy

This is a Family Learning course that provides common sense, jargon-free information and ideas to help you and your family focus on a healthy body and a healthy mind. Over the sessions, you’ll increase your skills and confidence as a    parent and discover practical ways to increase good health and develop a healthy mind.

Sessions will include:

  • Introduction and enrol onto the course
  • Importance of eating five a day and portion sizes
  • Looking at healthy recipes
  • Reading food labels
  • Using left-overs and growing your own
  • Importance of exercise
  • Positive thinking and relaxation
  • Celebrating yourself

Date Monday 18th September–  20th November       Time 8.45am-10.45am