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Family Learning

There will not be any family learning this next half term but in September we hope to run sessions on wellbeing and healthy eating.

Confident Parents/Confident Kids

24th April - Speaking and Listening – This will focus on communication and will include some speaking and listening games.

8 May - Health and Wellbeing for the Family (Mental Health week, children to join for second half). This will include an introduction to relaxation techniques such as breathing, massage and meditation.

15 May Being Assertive – This will focus on positive communication and how to express yourself with positive results.

22 May Making a Positive Word Box – This will include making a box to put positive statements in that can be used at home.

Our one off taster sessions have come to and end with another feast!! Six parents completed the course and all feel they've learned new ways of helping themselves and helping their children. Making time for themselves to recharge was a big thing they'll all take away.

Time out for Parents - Spring 2017

This is a Family Learning course that provides common sense, jargon-free information and ideas to help you to engage with your children and boost your relationship. Over the sessions, you’ll increase your skills and confidence as a parent and discover practical tools to make your relationship with your child even better. 

Session 1 Introduction and enrol onto the course
Session 2 What being a parent’s really like
Session 3 Children’s needs
Session 4 Feelings and listening
Session 5 Boundaries and parenting styles
Session 6 Keeping children safe
Session 7 Building strong families
Session 8 Consolidation of learning and evaluation



On Monday 6th January, the group discussed e safety and how to block websites and to be aware of grooming and to talk to their children about staying safe.

Phonics Course Autumn 2016

The Family learning Group met each Monday morning at 8.45am for two hours and were very keen to understand how phonics works so they could learn how their children are learning to read, write and sound out words. We have a group of 8 ladies and we break for refreshments as well as laugh and work hard.

The course ran until 28th November.

After Half Term the group met at the same time in the Nursery classroom (old Year 1) because of building work and we thought of other ways of how we can meet together to learn, not just through family learning but maybe growing vegetables, going for walks etc. If you have any ideas then please see Mrs McKeown.

Another positive course ended with parents feeling more confident to help their children with reading and sounding out through a better understanding of phonics.The course finished with a party and a cake of course !!.


Building Confidence Summer 2016

Numbers were smaller at this group which ran from May to June but those who attended really benefited from it. Comments were that people have applied to go on other courses,  have become more assertive and can say "no" to things and feel happier speaking in groups. Another comment was that this mum now feels she is in charge. She's created new habits by doing a bit of schoolwork each night." Homework used to be a war - it isn't anymore!"


Time out for Parents - Spring 2016

This proved to be a really popular course with parents feeling they had a chance to reflect on what sort of a family they wanted to be and how to go about it. Most people said they'd become better at listening and they all shouted less!

ICT Course - Autumn 2015


This course has covered basic ICT skills, email and using the Internet.

Phonics Family Learning - April to July 2015


Family Learning at St George's

Red Cross First Aid Course - February 2015

We had 14 people attend the course over 2 consecutive Mondays in February and it was excellent. All the parents participated well and it was nice for people to get to know each other better and learn some really important skills to boost confidence.
The sessions covered fits, cuts, choking, breathing problems,  breaks, allergic reactions, how to deal with unconsciousness in a baby and child and how to deal with fevers which may produce fits. Everyone was relaxed and asked many more questions and shared experiences.

Comments from Parents

The First Aid training was brilliant. We were given lots of simple life saving tips to use in serious emergencies. I feel a lot more confident now. Thank you! Helen

It was very important for me to a first aid course as I have young children and if accidents happened I didn't want to be helpless. When I found out about this course I immediately signed up. By doing first aid I now know what to do in an emergency at a first point of contact. It is vital to stay calm and take action whether someone is injured, choking or unconcious. I found this first aid course very helpful and it's a skill for life. Masuma

Past Learning

Family ICT - understand how ICT is used in schools and develop your own ICT skills of English, Maths and ICT.

Fun with Phonics - understand phonics and help your child to being reading and spelling.

Hyde Community Action - Courses

Hyde Community Action have some basic computing courses and conversational English courses coming up. Call into 20 Great Norbury Street fo find out more and put your name down.