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Comments from our Governors

Wendy Richardson

Two lines about St. George's is very hard, there is so much to say.  Being a Governor of such a great, friendly school is such a privilege.  It's very fulfilling to follow 'your' class through the school and see how they transform from babies to responsible nearly-teenagers.

Joanne Taylor-Riley

Thank you for the invitation to attend the Pupil Progress Meetings. Can I also pass on my thanks to the teachers for such full and detailed presentations. 

Joan Ryan

Experience of being a Governor at St. George's:
Entering into the 'world' of Governance at a Primary School is quite a different experience to Governance in business or with Further Education learners.  It can seem daunting, but any concerns quickly disperse through the Governance team at St. George's because of the clear commitment and enthusiasm of governors, the Head and teachers to focus clearly on providing an environment where the children can be the very best that they can be, and achieve the best that they can.
It takes a little while to get into the reporting of pupil progress but the school offers Governors lots of opportunities to visit the school, get involved in the exciting activities through which pupil confidence is promoted and to really feel the 'spirit' of the school - all this balances well with the essential task of 'reporting' to meet legislative needs.
The challenges now being faced within Governance, to become more business-like, are welcomed because it can only be of benefit to both the excellent staff of the school and the children relying on the school for educational excellence.  The governing body challenge will be ensuring that the environment supports the growth of the spirit and heart of the school to maintain the school ethos, and does this in a non-intrusive business manner.