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World Science Day 2020

Throughout the day each class explored different aspects of science. We wore our science coats like real scientists and explored our 6 science principles:

science principles

Year 6

A visit from Mr Tabernor

Our World Science Day started with and assembly by Mr Tabernor a science teacher from Alder CHS. He talked to us about 'what is science?' and the different areas of science - biology, chemistry and physics. He showed is some amazing experiments: Miss Mees sat on a bed of nails and Mr Burgess got soaking wet when Mr Tabernor burst a baloon with a lighted match over his head - sometimes science just doesn't go to plan! (or does it?)

Year 4

Year 4 explored changing sound through a straw, dancing raisins and drawing images looking in a mirror. They had lots of fun and asked lots of questions how and why?

Year 5

Year 2