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Year 5

Year 5 decided on a space theme for their enterprise stall and came up with many different ideas. Some of these were discussed and we finally chose to work in house groups, each selling a particular space product or game. We made 'moon cookies' with Fairtrade ingredients and chocolate craters; we sold 'Rocket lollies' very quickly; we played a game of 'Pin the eye on the alien' and also a game of 'Saturn rings'- who could hoopla the longest. Both of the games and a prize of a 'Galaxy' chocolate bar. It was really fun planning the week, making the posters and working on the stalls. We did lots of maths, working out how much to charge based on our spending outcomes and how much people would pay. We enjoyed working on the stalls, serving our friends and family and we particularly enjoyed counting out the final profit at the end!! The enterprise experience was great and we used so many of our BLP muscles to complete it!