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St George’s CE Primary Experience Easter

This year we decided to create stations for Experience Easter in the Church, School and Church Grounds. The children were given the opportunity to visit each of the stations in turn. On Good Friday, members of the St Georges' Church were invited to use the Experience Easter Stations as part ot the their Easter Meditation.


Easter is the time when Christians everywhere remember what happened to Jesus in the last week of his life and after his death.
Our journey starts as we enter the church doors and hear the story of Easter. We then make our way to the first of the stations inside church and around the school grounds, where we will try to imagine how it might have felt to be there and witness the events of Holy Week.

Station 1: Hopes and Dreams - The story of Palm Sunday (Main Aisle)

Station 2: Servant King –Jesus washes the disciples’ feet (FS outdoor area)

Station 3: Remember Me – The Last Supper (front of altar)

Station 4: The prayer – Gethsemane (around the tree in playground)

Station 5: The Courtyard – The Denial (centre of orchard area)

Station 6: The Promise - Golgatha (eco area)

Station 7: The Surprise – Tomb & Resurrection (Year 2 outdoor area)

Please click on the links to find out more about each Station