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What makes the world bright and colourful?

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Monday 13th July

Maths: Use the written methods you know to complete the multiplication and division questions. 

English: Learning pack- complete the next reading comprehension task.

Active: Learning pack- complete another of the 4 science experiments in your pack. 

Don't forget to send me some photographs. 

Tuesday 14th July

Maths: Learning pack Complete the coordinates activities on pages 28 and 29. Remember the X axis digit comes first. (Along the corridor before you go up the stairs).

English: Learning pack - Complete the Ancient Myths writing sheet.

Active: Can you walk jog or run the daily mile? You could do this in your garden or in a safe public place.


Wednesday 15th July

Maths: Learning pack Complete the area questions 35 and 36. Remember to find the area of a rectangle you must multiply the length by the width.

English: Learning packReading the ‘A trillion tropical leaves.’ Complete he questions.

Active: Learning packcomplete another of the four science experiments


Week 6


Thursday 16th July

Maths: Complete the perimeter questions on pages 38 and 39. Remember the perimeter it’s the length all the way around the outside of a shape. 

English: Learning pack - Complete the 'A first visit' writing sheet.

Active: Can you find anything new on your walk? 


Friday 17th July

Maths: Learning pack Complete the questions about timestables on pages 48 and 49.

English: Play you spelling game from last week. How many of the spellings can you still get correct?

Active: Play a board game with your family. 



I will see you in school next week!