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What makes the world bright and colourful?

wk 4LC choice board(2)

World Flags

The children in school had to design a flag which represented the world. They were then painted onto material.

Week 4

Monday 6th July

Maths: Complete the rounding activity. Remember 0-4 rounds down and 5-9 rounds up. 

English: Write an advert for Hyde. Remember to use persuasive words to convince your reader to visit Hyde.

Active: Complete a Joe Wick work out using his Youtube channel. 

Tuesday 7th July

Maths: Complete the tenths and hundredths activities, play close attention to the relationship between te fractions and decimals.

English: Ascent means to climb. Write a creative story using 'The Ascent' as your title. What will your characters be climbing? What problem will they encounter?

Active: Complete one of the four science experiements in your pack. Make sure you email some pictures and tell me what you found out.

Wednesday 8th July

Maths: Complete the multiplying and dividing questions. Remember when you multiply and divide by 10 or 100, the digits move place value column. 

English: Read the text and answer the questions. Ceck your answers with an adult. 

Active: Enjy your bike ride or soeone time outdoors with you family. 

Friday 10th July

Maths: Complete the multiplying and dividing activity. Memeber the written methods that you know for these operations. 

English: Read the story opening and complete it using your own ideas.

Active: Play a board game with your family.