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What makes the world bright and colourful?


Monday 22nd June

Maths: Identify what each sequence is going up or down in and then continue them.


English: Read the text and answer the questions. Don't forget to check your answers using the answer booklet.


Active: Find Joe Wick's Youtube channel and complete one of his daily work outs. 

Tuesday 23nd June

Maths: Remember that there are 4 different types of triangle.

English: omplete each sentence to construct a paragraph. Write your complete paragraph on the back of your sheet and underline each of the features the sheet asks for. 

Active: You will need to measure how far your aeroplane flies using a tape measure. If you are unsure how to make one follow the instructions on this video:




Wednesday 24th June

Maths: Remember to check the scale of each axis. What are they going up in?

English: Uncramble all of the letters and use the clues to work out what each wod is. Use the highlighted letter in each word to make the final word. Check your answers in the answer booklet.

Active: Take some pictures on your bike ride and email to tell me where you went.

Thursday 25th June

Maths: Use the written methods that you are familiar with to complete the adding sheets. Can you do any of the clculations mentally?

English: Complete the summer spelling challenge with an adult.

Active: Make sure you send me pictures of your completed collages so that I can put them on here for your friends to see.

Don't forget our zoom meeting is at midday today, email me if you have not recieved the link. 

Friday 26th June

Maths: Use the written methods that you are familiar with to complete the adding sheets. Can you do any of the clculations mentally?


English: Remember to include lots of feelings throughtout your diary entry. Can you use any adventurous vocabulary? 

Here is a writing frame to help you if you need it:


Active: Let me know what game you play and take some pictures so I can upload them onto this webpage. 

Welcome to our new Summer Term Home Learning Page.  We are sharing our Big Question with the rest of school this term and it is What makes the world bright and colourful? 

We will be giving you lots of ideas of stories to read, games to play, things to make and songs to sing all about our world and what makes it such a bright, colourful and special place to be.

You can choose to do as many things as you like from the choice board and remember to send in what you have done so that we can display it at school. 


We miss you all so much and would love some of your learning to brighten up the walls at school.

Ideas for week 3