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www.pobble365.com – look at the picture each day and complete: 
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www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - KS2 resources for the whole curriculum

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I know you love practicing your arithmetic skills so I have put together 21 questions for you to attempt, use your excerise book to calculate the answers. 


The mark scheme can also be found by following the link. Mark your answers and work out where you have made mistakes just as we do in class.

I will try and change these questions once a week.

Travel the world and visit these world heratage sites- Click the link!

Google earth

Maths lessons with Tutorials- Click link

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Fairtrade Home Learning Resources


Read this content, watch the videos and see which of the activities you would like to complete. It would be great to see some of these in your homework book and I know Mrs Mckeown would be really please to recieve some things to put on the school Fairtrade display. 

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Writing Challenge- Story starter!

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Have a look at the library page to find LOTS of ideas for reading during your time at home.

Science- How many of these activities can you complete?


Learning about E-safety at home:


44 Really Cool Science and Engineering activities for at home!!


Check out Luke's Hexbug run

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Reflection Activity:

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Take a look at some of the great learning that Year 5 have been doing at home!

Take a look at Zakariyya's Space presentation:

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Check out Gracie's Palm Oil Presentation

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Hi all,

I hope you are all still keeping well and enjoying the sunshine safely.

Most of you will know Mrs Ratcliffe as the teaching assistant in our Nursery. Mrs Ratcliffe has been working in the nursery at St George's for over 40 years !! That is a fantastic achievement and    I'm sure she has seen lots of changes in that time. However she has decided to retire and so this week will be her last week working with us. We will be very sad to see her go, but she will still be helping with the Stay and Play group and the Friday ladies group.

In the current situation we can't do a big celebration and send off as we would have liked to do, but we will do something for her later in the year.

If any of you would like to send a message or card or anything at all into school for Mrs Ratcliffe, we will ensure she gets them by the end of the week. I'm sure lots of you and your children will have very fond memories of Mrs Ratcliffe and will want to wish her well in her retirement.


Daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks.


9AM Live on his Youtube channel- The Body Coach TV.


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Practice your timestables as often as possible!


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BBC Teach Live Lessons- Click the image

BBC live lessons

Health and wellbeing challenges- click below

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Head over to Mrs Hewitt's Mindfulness and Music page!


NASA STEM at home- Fun activities!


Be a Scout!

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Home learning ideas- My family.

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Geography- practice your map reading skills using the activities on Digimaps.


Free Home Learning Resources


More E-safety activities:


Daily home schooling lessons from the BBC:

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New Online Safety activities:


Have a go at Liam's Wordsearch:

Click on the wordsearch to find out which words you are looking for.


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