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Home Learning Activities for week beginning 6th July 2020


Click the image to see a bigger picture of the choiceboard activities. 

Remember to email me photos of your learning so I can upload them on to the webpage.  Send them to y4@st-georges-hyde.tameside.sch.uk 

Keep checking this page and get your parents to check their emails in case I have sent details about meeting up or Zoom sessions. I have emailed about meeting up in small groups again on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.


We have been working hard in school to design and make a new flag for the world. Here are our finished designs.


Take a look at our finished flags->

Well done everyone today. You worked really hard in the Zoom session! Loads of you got full marks in the quiz and I was very impressed with your exercises.

finished flag

We have been making pen pots using art straws. We had to measure the art straws and bend them in place then glue them together. The glue gun was tricky to use but Mrs Twinn watched us carefully so that we were safe. We are very proud of our designs.

Daily challenges activities for this week


Click on the image below and you will open up a document from Chloe. She has worked extremely hard to make a presentation about countries of the world. Well done!

chloe flag

Monday 6th July 2020

Maths/ English activity from the pack

*Daily Challenge- Zoom activity at 11:00. I have prepared another quiz  so you could be organised and write the numbers 1- 15 ready on a piece of paper. We will also do some PE as you have requested!! You will need space to do the activities from the exercise colour wheel. See you then smiley

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Maths- Spend 15 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. Try and beat your score!

English- Get someone to test you on 20 spellings from the Year 3/4 list which you haven't practised.

Decide which activity you want to do from the Choiceboard and see if you need to get any resources ready.

* Daily Challenge- Choose an activity from the Jump Back July 2020 picture above and record what you have done in your book.

Wednesday 8th July 2020

English/ Maths activity from the pack. Spend a little time reading too.

Choiceboard activity

*Daily Challenge- Choose an activity from the Jump Back July 2020 picture above and record what you have done in your book.

Thursday 9th July 2020

Maths- Go on TTRockstars and try and beat your highest score.

Choiceboard activity.

*Daily Challenge/English- Using the 2 words SOCIAL DISTANCING, how many different words can you make up by mixing the letters? Try with 3 words, then 4 words, then 5 words and so on and see how many you find. There will be a prize for the person who finds the most. 

Friday 10th July

Maths- Find an old receipt from shopping and round all the individual amounts up to the nearest 10p and then £1.

English- Click on the spellzone website image next to this and play the spelling games  https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-407576.htm 

*Daily Challenge- Go for a walk or if it is raining, do a Joe Wicks fitness video online. 

6.7.20(1)girlsboyssocial distancing

How many words can you make with these 2 words? It might be an idea to write each letter on a separate piece of paper and mix them up.