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Tuesday 16th June

Maths/ English activity from the pack

Begin to think about one of the choiceboard activities and research how you can do it.

*Daily Challenge: Write an acrostic poem about a rainbow like the example. 

Wednesday 17th June

Maths/ English activity from the pack

Continue with your choiceboard 

*Daily Challenge: Use the Rainbow Exercise Wheel from your pack and follow the instructions. An even bigger challenge would be to get some one to do it with you!!smileyClick on the image to make it bigger if you need to.

Thursday 18th June

Maths/ English activity from the pack

*Daily Challenges: Go on TImestable Rockstars for at least 10 minutes. Also create a picture of a storm. We have seen some crazy weather the last few nights. You can use anything you want- paint, pencil crayon, chalk, felt tips. You could use the computer or use different materials to create a 3D effect- it doesn't just have to be a picture. Be creative and send me some photos of your finished work.

Friday 19th June

Get someone to test you on 20 of the Year 3 and 4 spellings from your list in the packs. 

Use your timestable cards and practise X7, X8 and X12. Get someone to test you.

*Daily Challenges: Complete the choiceboard activity for the week. If you have already done this, write down a list of the things that make your world bright and colourful.  

Monday 22nd June

Maths/ English activity from the pack

Decide which activity you want to do from the choiceboard and plan it out. Prepare a list of any resources you might need to help you.

*Daily Challenge- Collect different green leaves and arrange them in shade order from a light green to a dark green. Can you name the tree or or plant that you have found them on? Additional challenge: Many paints have their own names for different shades, can you give each leaf a colour/paint name? You might want to research this on the internet.

What will you choose to do?

This term we are completing a whole school challenge question- What makes the world bright and colourful? If you click on the choiceboard it opens up much bigger so you can read the boxes clearly. There are many different learning experiences here such as poetry, art, geography, science, music and more- how exciting! Aim to choose to do at least one a week (like you did with the homework choiceboards) and spend some quality time thinking about how you could present your learning. There are some great activities to choose from; you could do it as a family and get everybody involved in it. Remember to send in your work to school or email it to me so it can be displayed in school.


I will add new photographs to the top of this page but keep scrolling down to find out any new information or the daily challenges. 

Here are pictures of the work you have already done so far.

It was so lovely to see so many faces. I have really missed seeing you all together. It was the first time we have done the zoom session and it is not as easy as it looks! We will get better at it the more we do though. smiley We will do a quiz next time so email me 3 questions (with answers) so I can add it to the quiz I create.    

Don't forget the next Zoom on Monday 22nd June at 11:00. I have the quiz prepared from your questions and my own class picture quiz. It's going to be fun. See you then. laughIf anyone wants to join in who didn't last time, I need permission from your parents first. Get them to send me an email and I will send the link. 

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