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Welcome to week 5!

Welcome to another week Year 2! Please keep on selecting a challenge off the choiceboard. It has been lovely to see your learning from home so please keep emailing it into school. Please keep reading and completing maths challenges at home everyday it makes a huge difference!


Monday 6th July

Watch the following clip and practise your 3 times tables. Click on the image below...


Wednesday 8th July


Using Google Earth can you research a country that you would like to find out more about. Think about the cutlure, clothing that people would wear, food that they might cook etc

Create a poster with your new information!

Keep selecting a challenge off the choicboard

challenge board

Tuesday 7th July


How many different words can you create from the letters that make up 'teamwork?' You can only use each letter once on a word. 

For example: tea, worm

Thursday 8th July

Thank you to all who joined our Zoom session creating our own Superheroes. 

Can you write a description about your character and explain what they are called and the special powers they might have? 

If you haven't yet sent me a photogragh please try to send one in by the end of this week.