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The Colour Monster!

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Monday 29th June

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Take a look at what our friends have been doing at home!

Friday 3rd July

Can you use the monster that you have created to write your own story? It can be set in a forest, a different planet, the beach anywhere you like! Use some of the images below as inpsiration for your setting. 

Remember a good story needs - similes, adjectives, story openers, noun phrases and punctuation

Click on the image to listen to the story of the Colour Monster!

Can you create your own colour monster? It can be made out of junk modelling or you can draw a picture. Email it into school to share with everyone.

Tuesday 30th June


Look at the template can you draw or print off the jars and draw and write a time when you have felt the emotions labelled? 

Wednesday 1st July

plate monster

In your home learning pack I have included a paper plate. Can you create your own monster based on what you think a monster needs to look like? 

Remember a successful monster might have googly eyes, bright colours, funny shaped arms or legs.

Thursday 2nd July

Can you create a shape picture to create a monster? Don't forget to label the shapes. You can even create a model using 3D shapes!

shape monster