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Welcome to our new learning page! This will be updated daily with lots of fun activities.

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Monday 15th June

Listen to the story of Elmer, can you write a character description about Elmer? Click on the image of Elmer to listen to the story.

Remember a good character description needs - adjectives, noun phrases, similes and Year 2 punctuation. 

Can you inculde any exciting words from the list below?

Brave, strong, unique, colossal, delicate

Tuesday 16th June

Can you create your own version of Elmer? It could be a 3D model, a sketch or even a digital version of Elmer. Email your learning to school!

The Storm!

Last night there was a tremendous storm did you hear it? It made me think about how we could create a class set of storm pictures. Use the image here to think about how you could create a piece of art work to represent the storm that you saw last night. 

You could mix paints together, use collarge materials etc 

Post a picture to the Year 2 email address and I will add them onto this page to share. Good Luck!


Click on the choice board to see what you can do at home...

As you can see our new learning challenge question is 'What makes the world bright and colourful?' 

Please choose a challenge off the board each week and complete the challenge that I set on this page daily. I will also send you a home learning pack which has lots of Maths and English activities to do. 

Don't forget you can always watch Newsround each day and use Purple Mash if you have any extra time. smiley


Wednesday 17th June

stormy weather

Maths tutorial 1 - Subtraction


Maths tutorial 2


Maths tutorial 3