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Welcome to Week 6!

Dear Year 2

Hello everyone hope you are all well. Welcome to this weeks learning page. As a school we will not be sending out any more home learning packs but will continue to update our web pages with new challenges. 

If for whatever reason you would prefer a home learning pack please could you email me and I can post one out to you. 

Keep up with all the hard work you have all been amazing and I have loved reading all of your amazing stories and looking at your fabulous learning you have been sending to me. 

As with the previous weeks you can continue to complete a challenge off the choicebaord and access purple mash. 

Take care

Mrs Wassall xxx

Monday 13th July

Click on the image to listen to the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit' this is a story which we have read in class before and we loved. This week your online learning will be based around this fantastic book.

the day the crayons quit
challenge board(1)

Tuesday 14th July

Imagine that you were Duncan. Can you write a letter back to one of the crayons? What might you say to them? How could you make them feel better? 

Wednesday 15th July

Can you create a masterpiece using crayons? You could draw using crayons, melt the crayons into wax etc look on the image gallery below for inspiration...

Thursday 16th July

Measure the length of a selection of different pencils and crayons. Can you order them from smallest to largest? 

Can you create a tally chart to find people's favorutie colour crayon? 

Friday 17th July

Can you create a different version of this story? What could happen differently? Could there be a multi - coloured crayon or a magic crayon? Where could the crayon take you?