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A message for you!

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Lots of you have been emailing me to say how much you are missing each other and seeing as though we cannot see each other in person just yet, I thought that we could make each other a video message! I have been very brave and posted one for all of you now it is your turn! If you want to email your finished message to me I will pass it onto the correct person. Good luck! 

Maths lesson - Partitioning

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If you would like more practise on partitioning watch the video to remind yourself!

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Maths lesson - Using partition to add

mrs wassall 3.mp4mrs wassall final.mp4

Can you coach someone else?


If you would like anymore videos like this please let me know!

Maths challenges - White Rose learning

This is a really good way of keeping your maths skills in your head. Use the video clips and online activities to help you. Click on the image below...

white rose logocreative challenge board

Year 2 - Learning at home

Take a look at what you have all been up to at home - keep up the hard work I am very proud of you!

Challenges - I think, I see, I wonder...


Look at the image above - what can you see? Write your ideas in your home learning book

Use the 2 documents above to practise your common exception words for year 2 and your beautiful handwriting!

Fairtrade Challenge

Click the link below to explore the fairtrade website - can you create a fairtrade poster? Explain what fairtrade is and what products we use at school and home that are fairtrade. 


Sensory play activities

mother couldstaff picKhadija.mp4
I think, I can see, I wonder…

Look at the image below can you play I think, I see, I wonder? Or you could even write a story about the character. 

old man of the woods

Story - Alone Together


This story is to go with the pack you will receive this week. There are different activities for you to do based on this story.  Alone Together is a lovely story with an uplifting message reminding us that even though it might feel like we're alone, we're alone together. 

New learning and images from home at the bottom of the page!

Welcome Year 2

Hello Year 2, 

It has now been a few weeks since we last saw each other in person. It has been lovely to see how well you are getting on with your challenges at home. Thank you for sending pictures to school - keep them coming! 

Keep looking out for new acitivites here on this page as well as on purple mash. I will keep checking my emails everyday - a few of you have sent videos of your learning if you want to do that then maybe ask a grown up to film you and then send it to me.

Keep safe 

Mrs Wassall

Can you be the teacher?

fatimahs challenge

One of our friends has set a challenge for you all...

The challenge is:

1. What is Ramadan?

2. What is the big celebration at the end of Ramadan?

Who is your hero? (Click for more info)


Geography Challenge click to open


Ready to be a scientist?

science(2)outdoor learning boardjoe(1)

Writing challenge

For next week you might want to look at the website literacy shed and in particular watch the video listed below. Can you recreate this story? You can either write it in your own way, create a piece of artwork or change the story slightly!

bubbles pic(1)

Have you viewed our music page? (Click below)


Don't forget to send me a video of you singing along!

Can you make a rainbow?

rainbowFatimah and family.mp4

Listen to this amazing story created by our friends at home. They have collaborated together to publish this masterpiece. It is called Blossom and the Magic Tree.

Flat Mrs Wassall!

Our new challenge is to have Mrs Wassall at home with you. Not the real Mrs Wassall but a miniature version click on the image below for ideas that you could do. Don't forget to send some pictures into school to share what you have been getting up to!


More learning from home...

Video.mov20200418_085807 (1).mp4

Hello Year 2 

Hope you are all well and are staying safe at home. It has been lovely to see all of your fantastic learning from the packs that I have been sending to you as well as many others things that you have been doing. For the next weeks weeks I will keep updating the web page and posting learning, pictures and anything else that might be useful for you! 

Keep smiling I am missing you all very much Mrs Wassall xxx

walk to school

Noah's Ark

Noahs ark (3)

Click on the picture to listen to the story of Noah's Ark.