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What makes the world bright and colourful?

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Monday 13th July

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Listen to The Colour Monster again.  Have a go at writing your own simile poem linked to the colours.

Yellow is like ...

Blue is like ...

Red is like

Black is like ...

Green is like ...

Illustrate your poem!

Thursday 16th July

Watch the story of Noah’s Ark again – what promise could you make?  Make a rainbow and write your promise on there!  Make sure it’s one that you know you will keep!

Don’t forget to send it to me so I can share it with your friends.


Home Learning Photos

Look at Jessica's animal alphabet!  What a great job!  We are all so proud of you!

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Choice Board

Remember to choose something from the choice board to complete each week!  Which one has been your favourite so far?

Don't forget to email any photographs of what you have made or any of your learning!  I would love to see it and to show it to your friends in school!


Keep checking your emails too for our ZOOM get together.  It is every Thursday at 11.30 am and we would love for everyone to be there!

Tuesday 14th July

Make a list or draw pictures of everything that you can find or think of that is  ... yellow, blue, red, black and green.


Wednesday 15th July

Watch the story of Noah’s Ark.  All the animals went in 2 by 2.  Sing along with this song to practice counting in 2s.

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