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Reception Home Learning - Summer Term

Our friends learning at home - Week 7 and 8

Here are some of our friends learning at home. Well done!

Purple Mash - Seaside

This is some of the fantastic work our friends have done on Purple Mash about the seaside. Well done Isla, Marcy, Fatima, Izaan, Ayaan S, Anna, Inayah, Ali and Amanah!

Oak National Academy - Online Classroom


Click on the picture above to access a Reception English lesson on the Oak National Academy. The Oak National Academy provide a high-quality plan of video lessons and learning resources. These cover a range of subjects including maths, English, topics and PE. It is best to follow the lessons in sequence.

The first five lessons are based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and include phonics, writing and following a recipe to make porridge.


Click on the picture above to access a maths lesson. The maths lessons in this sequence explore calendars and time. 


Click on the picture above to access a foundation topic lesson about kind friends, where the teacher reads one of our favourite books My Friend Bear. The lessons in this sequence are about birthdays and tie into the maths lessons. 

Story time - week 7


Click on the video above to listen to Mrs Jackson read 'The Fish Who Could Wish' by John Bush and Korky Paul. It's a funny rhyming story about a fish whose wishes come true! But he is rather a silly fish and one day he makes a wish that he wishes he never wished!

What would you wish for? Is it something for yourself or someone else?

The illustrations in this book are amazing. We would love to see your under the sea or beach pictures.

Challenges - Week 8

Some more challenges for you to try. We have loved seeing the photos of what you have done in the previous challenges. Make sure you have lots of fun and get your family involved. 

Spot the objects at the beach

spot the object at the beach

Purple Mash - Maths City 2

Dawn under the sea 2do

We have added a 2Do on Purple Mash. You can only do this if you can enable Flash on your device though.

Design an underwater scene, create a scene and use positional language, sort seaweed by height, sort fish into the correct sized holes and watch video clips.

Purple Mash - Under the Sea

We have added an Under the Sea pin to Minimash on Purple Mash. There are a number of games. activities and paint projects for you to do. Have fun!

Facts about sea animals

Here are some videos of children in Reception telling us some facts about sea animals.  Hope you enjoy listening to them.  Maybe you could record one of  your own.

ayaan video.movAli.mp420200519_142056_54008372622052.mp4

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea


Click on the link above to watch and listen to this under the sea story sung.  Discover amazing and fascinating sea creatures in the hole in the bottom of the sea! Based on a traditional song, each verse introduces a new creature and its place in the food chain.

Ice Cream Shop

Stuck for something to do in the Whit holidays?  Why not set up your very own Ice cream shop like at the seaside.   Write menus, choose toppings, add up your items and pay for them. See the complete pack below.

ice cream shop

Mrs Ratcliffe - Retirement


Most of you will know Mrs Ratcliffe as the teaching assistant in our Nursery. Mrs Ratcliffe has been working in the Nursery at St George's for over 40 years !! That is a fantastic achievement and    I'm sure she has seen lots of changes in that time. However she has decided to retire and so next week will be her last week working with us. We will be very sad to see her go, but she will still be helping with the Stay and Play group and the Friday ladies group.

In the current situation we can't do a big celebration and send off as we would have liked to do, but we will do something for her later in the year.

If any of you would like to send a message or card or anything at all into school for Mrs Ratcliffe, we will ensure she gets them by the end of next week. I'm sure lots of you and your children will have very fond memories of Mrs Ratcliffe and will want to wish her well in her retirement.

Story time - week 10


Click on the video to hear Mrs Jackson read Hooray for Fish! It's a splishy-splashy riot of colour and rhyme under the sea. Swim with Little Fish and all his fishy friends.

Look carefully at the illustrations and have a go at describing the fish. There all all sorts of patterns, shapes and colours to describe. Which fish is your favourite? Why? Can you draw and colour/paint your own fish?

Week 10

Learning at home - Week 7

Here is another of our Oxford Reading Tree books all about the seaside.  Read alongside your child and have a go at answering the questions.

More Purple Mash

Here are some of the activities our friends have been choosing to do on Purple Mash. Well done Amanah, Anna, Fatima and Isla!

VE Day - Friday 8th May


Tomorrow, Friday the 8th of May, people all over the world will turn their thoughts and attention to the 75th anniversary of VE day.  This is an important historical date, back in 1945, marked the end of World War 2 in Europe. We would like you to take part in some VE day learning.  We have put together a few activities that we would like you to try.   Decorate some bunting to hang out to celebrate VE day, make a spitfire plane from the war and colour in a picturre of people celebrating the end of World War 2.

Purple Mash - Poppy

We have added a 2Do on Purple Mash. Can you paint a poppy for VE Day?

Ayaan S, Inayah, Isla, Annan, Amanah, Ali, Fatima and Izaan have done a poppy, well done!

VE day celebrations

Here are some photos of how a member of our class celebrated VE day.  Did you celebrate VE day and what things did you do?  Please send them to us, we would love to see them.

Keeping fit at home

One of our friends has chalked numbers from 1-25 in their backyard. They are using them to keep fit as well as using them to count. 

Video ayaan s.mov

Worship Song Challenge

One of our friends has done the 'Worship Song Challenge'. Can you guess what song she chose? I think you will agree she has shown amazing skill and attention to detail. What a beautiful piece of art she has created!

What is your favourite worship song? Can you create a piece of art for that song? We would love to see your creations.

Dance Challenge

Look at one of our friends dancing to "Blinding lights".  They are using glow sticks when dancing in the dark,  isn't it amazing

isla video.mp4

Story time - week 9


Click on the video above to listen to Mrs Jackson read another of her favourite stories. Ben and Bella's big red bath is such fun that all the animals jump right in. What a squash!

As the weather is so lovely at the moment, perhaps you could play with water outside and splish and splash. You could play with bubbles and try blowing big and small bubbles, watch them drift into the sky or try popping them. You could wash your toys, or use sponges or paint brishes to wash walls, windows or fences. You could take your toys outside, use your imagination and have an adventure like Ben and Bella. Have fun!

Challenges - week 9

Here are some more challenges for you to try.

For the sock challenge, perhaps you could help your family by hanging up the washing and then pairing up the socks afterwards.

Please take photos or videos of yourself doing the challenges, we love to see what you have been doing. Have lots of fun!

Our friends learning at home - Week 9

Here are some of friends doing lots of different activities at home. They have done maths with Kinder toys, made heart shaped sandwiches, gone exploring in the woods, activities from the pack, grown and eaten radishes. Please send in photos to let us know what you have been doing, we would love to see them.

Eid Mubarak

One or our friends has made some lovely cards to wish everyone Eid Mubarak, and another friend has been helping her family to prepare for Eid by making goodie bags for friends and family, and decorating the house.



The Reception Team would also like to wish everyone who is celebrating Eid a happy Eid.  Here are a few activities that you can try - reading a story about Eid, colouring Ramadan pictures and making Eid biscuits.  Don't forget to send us any photos to show us what you have been doing, we'd love to see them.

Purple Mash - Eid

We have added some 2Do's on Purple Mash. Can you create a plate of food or fruit bowl for Eid? Inayah has created a yummy plate of rice and a delicious fruit bowl.

ayaan s.mov

Take a look at a video of one of our friends rolling down the hill.  Who  remembers doing this as a child too?