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Summer Term Challenge - Week 6

Mixed - A colourful Story by Arree Chung

Mixed a colourful story

Monday 13th July

Have a go at mixing the 3 primary colours - Red, Yellow and Blue.

What happens when you mix Red and Yellow?

What happens when you mix Yellow and Blue?

What happens when you mix Red and Blue?


Tuesday 14th July

Like the game below,  we are all the same because we are all human beings, we grow and change.  We are different though because we have different likes/dislikes, beliefs, dreams and talents.  

Can you say what is the same about the objects and what is different?

Wednesday 15th July

Draw around your hand.  Then choose the paint colour closest to your skin – pink, yellow, brown.  Add white paint to lighten the colour and black paint to darken the colour of your skin. Mix paints until you get the shade of your skin.  Paint your hand using the mixed shade, then cut it out.  As an extra challenge – Do the other people in your family have the same shade as you? 


Summer Term Choice board

choice board

Week 17 - Friends Photographs

Video of baking at home

ayaan video.mov

Thursday 16th July

Can you collect lots of yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, green and blue objects like the boy in the photograph below?  Can you put them with the right colour?  I wonder if you can use some of the vocabulary for red like - ruby red, brick red etc.  Some of the vocabulary is tricky.  I bet you didn't know there were so many shades of the same colour, Did you?

Friday 17th July