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Summer Term Challenge - Week 5

Monday 6th July

Click on the link for this weeks story "The Colour Monster goes to school".

What are your feelings about being at home and not at school? 

How are you feeling about coming back to school, even if it's in September?

Can you talk about or write about your feelings?

Tuesday 7th July

Our Year 6 children have been making Memory books to remember their time in St Georges.  Could you decorate a memories jar, box or book?  Put your memories in as they happen.

Wednesday 8th July

Click on the link below and join in with the song.  See how the words have changed to fit in with different emotions. Can you predict what action will go with what emotion?  I wonder if you remember when we sung "If you're happy and you know it" in school (We sung it outside when we had a practice fire alarm).


Thursday 9th July

Have you ever made paper chain people?  Well if you haven't made them before then watch the video below.  You may need a grown up to help you with the drawing and cutting. You could colour them and put some of your friends names on them.  Then you could add them to your memory box, book or jar - remember to fold them back up. We would love to see some photos of what you have done.


Friday 10th July

Can you write something you've loved about Reception on a love heart.

Something that has made you proud in Reception on the proud cloud.

And something that you are pleased that you have achieved on the star.

You could put these in your memory jar, box or book.

Summer Term choice board

choice board

The Colour Monster goes to school

The colour monster goes to school

Week 16 - Friends photographs